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  1. nooooooooooooooooo………….not the doubled eyelid pls….I don’t want you to change at all, Hyukie….pls…DON’T…can someone told him not to do it?? PLS :(((((

    • of course not.. he’s just joking u saw the pic of yesterday at the restaurant it was eye sight correction surgery and he’s just teasing fans dont worry..

      • Thanks for letting us know it was not double eyelid surgery because he don’t need to change a thing,he looks handsome just the way he is.Hyuk please believe in yourself and everyone please stop calling him ugly.

      • cuz i don’t see his face when he said that so i don’t know if it was a joke or for real

  2. double eyelid?!! o_O
    oh no hyuk, please just dont TT you’re not ugly…..T.T

    • It’s Lasik everybody! He is teasing about the eye lid surgery!

  3. is that true hyuk did double eyelid????? your are handsome enough already….:-(

    • No…they are just joking…

  4. K Y U H Y U N . . . > > dad .__.
    “Ming says he has gf which is ELF! He tried making chocolate but didn’t have chance to give ELF, he will try to give everyone next time.”
    Made me cry of happiness for the ELF! Not mean at all! Whoah! That’s so.. Sweet ❤ huhuhu~

  5. i hope it’s not true about the double eyelid surgery..
    i saw his pict with sihaemi in “i like radio” n hae’s cafe,he’s not wearing shades n i’m sure he’s still single eyelid..
    please dont do that , if he really did it..it’s the result of that “ugly” joking T.T

    • You’re already knew It’s Lasik but still went on with your speculation, your assumption “if he really did it..it’s the result of that “ugly” joking T.T”… WHY ???????????????? You really think our current leader Hyuk has a mentality that of a common girl? Did our Shindong, Kyu did it because of ugly joking? NO, then why they did it anyway? In the end, it’s still their decisions to do whatever they want for their own good, no one can force them. Their choices, we only can support them.

  6. agsjwiwnsiwkdk OMFG !!!!! cheesy kyu is so preciouuuuuus ❤ LMAO *rolls
    and hyuk who kept asking fans is tooo adorable ;A;
    ah~ envy a looooot T.T

  7. I wish i was there i would love to dance with Hyuk all day 🙂 ❤

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