Super Junior’s Kyuhyun Never Dated in His Life? – From 130219

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130219 Super Junior’s Kyuhyun Has Never Been in a Relationship

130219 Kyuhyun Twitter Update: I’m not “solo-since-birth”…

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Loved as Super Junior’s youngest member, Kyuhyun revealed that he has yet to experience a dating relationship.

He participated in a photoshoot with magazine “@star1,” which will be included in the March edition. He also had an interview where the reporter asked what’s uncomfortable since he found fame. He replied, “Not being able to date.”

The reporter further asked, “Isn’t it ‘Trying to date without other people knowing, rather than not dating?’” Kyuhyun responded, “I have not dated before.” He revealed that he has never dated in his life.

Trying to dig more from the star, the reporter asked, “But don’t you have a lot of opportunities to meet female celebrities?” He shared, “I don’t have any dating experience because I don’t really like dating celebrities.”

However, Kyuhyun later tweeted, “I’m not a ‘single-guy-since-birth’ [meaning he has dated before]… How did things end up like this.. kk”
Netizens who saw this tweet commented, “I knew Kyuhyun oppa wasn’t a ‘single-since-birth,’” and “I guess the reporter got mixed up when he said he never dated a celebrity before and thought he said he never dated at all before.”

Source: Soompi
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  1. Hilarious! I’m glad she shared his personal preference about the women he dates. 🙂

  2. Hilarious! I’m glad he shared his personal preference about the women he dates.

  3. I understand he does not have much time left to date
    But cmon the guy is 25 years old!
    Kyu, practice makes perfect
    It’s about time!

  4. but, the words ‘i’m not single since birth’ can bring meaning that he always had people by his side… so he’s not alone… he has someone to lean on like families, members, friends… could it be he mean that way?? 🙂

    • No I don’t think he meant it that way , cuz the world ” single ” only means not in releationship or not taken ” nowadays meaning ” so he said he’s wasn’t single since birth , so I believe he means that he dated before …

    • it mean it romance relationship status dear…
      he’s not talking about being alone…:)
      hope its clear…

      • yup,it could be… btw,i do believe that he’s not single… with the charming face and beautiful smile he have, he could’ve won someone’s heart is it? hehehe…

  5. christian shouldn’t lie uh, we saw a lot of sj’ girlfriends pics la. ;; p


    i bet his girlfriend or ex were shocked or something..okay this is funny xD

  7. miss-interpreting??

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