130219 Super Junior’s Kyuhyun Has Never Been in a Relationship

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Compilation: @Star1 Magazine March Issue with Super Junior K.R.Y

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In a recent interview with star style magazine, @star1, Kyuhyun was asked what the most uncomfortable thing about being famous is.

Kyuhyun replied that he isn’t able to date. When the interviewer followed up with if he’s just been dating in secret, Kyuhyun answered without hesitation, “I have never been in a relationship before.”

 photo 98312389_zpsf24485ab.jpg

Although he might have a lot of opportunities to meet with beautiful celebrities, Kyuhyun shared that he doesn’t enjoy meeting with other celebrities. “So I still have no dating experience.”

The full interview, as well as the pictorial for Super Junior K.R.Y will be included in the March issue, to be released on February 21.

Source: Atstar1
Translated by: ENewsWorld
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  1. why i dont believe u chokyu! i hope u can date someone soon! u and changmin should find a woman to date..aigoo! why do u guys always hang out together and not dating?

  2. liar cho kyuhyun =.= but when he was in a show with hyukkie, he talked about how he treated his girlfriend when she’s mad .__.

  3. This make me remember when Kyuhyun talked about his first kiss with his gf – – liar kyu. Have you never been in relationship since when? 5555222777

  4. Such a liar.hahahah!

  5. blatant dear kyu,so what was tat kiss during school times?

  6. yeah….yeah….. i believe u still pure and virgin…(@<)….hohohoho

  7. Oh god kyu don’t lie!!!!!

  8. …Riiiiiight.

  9. i think that he mean since his debut, maybe 😉

  10. Lol…i think he meant after his debut.

  11. Kyu, you should learn Siwon-sshi. Christian don’t tell lies right? *smirk like Kyu* LOL

  12. Yeah rightttt..

    • Ditto…

  13. This was an obvious lie Cho Kyu. Next time study how to lie properly lol

  14. U’re a liar!!! kekeke… 🙂
    I think korea paparazzi will follow u very closely with such a statement.

  15. I think he would meant to say that he has never been in relationship after he’s been a celebrity/ famous…
    Get a GF already mr.cho…

  16. Yeaa we all know him doesnt date anybody now but what about the kiss he told us in an interview last time?is that doesnt count on “serious dating”?

  17. yeah i trust you =.= anyway, i think he’s not dating so it’s ok say that now 😀


  19. is that a gun in his waistband in the 2nd pic??? D:

  20. no, is he before tell about his first kiss? he tell taht he kiss after one month dating with that girl,,, if i am not misataken, on radio star, or…

  21. ha..ha..say anything u want kyu^_^

  22. hahahah lol kyu

  23. Oh, might be he meant never date after debut, ^^, but date some girs before debut. Nobody will trust you if you said never date mr cute kyu. I guessAll Suju mamber have been dating, for sure, how can a 23-29 handsome and famous man never dating? moreover a lot of girls around them ,hehe

    • i’m with you. may be he say after debut and in the magazine have cut the answer. In medias interviews usually do that.

      I was pretty sure he had not dated anyone since her debut

  24. I don’t see why it’s hard to believe. We already know how much he appreciates and likes his non-celeb friends, so what he says actually stands. As an idol it is very hard to maintain a relationship, but it’s only natural after debut to have kissed and not be a virgin. (who is anyway in such an industry?) I don’t see the two connected so I believe it when he says he never had a relationship.

    Unless you want me to believe in KyuMin. That I can do. :DDD

  25. Hmm… I don’t quite believe him, but maybe he dated just for a short time, so he doesn’t consider it as relationships. And just because you kiss someone, doesn’t mean you’re in a relationship with that person. So maybe he wasn’t dating his first- kiss-girl back in school… But I really think they meant dating after debut.

    I don’t believe him, but if it’s really true; then that would be really sad 😦 Our boys need love *-* XD I just want them to be happy, so I don’t mind them dating, if it’s in secret or not… Kyuhyun!! Stop playing games and find a girl to date! I want to see little bb kyus in the future! XD

  26. there’s something wrong with this article because Kyu just tweeted to clarify that he’s not “solo since birth” like this article mentioned. lol. Maybe a misunderstanding or media played cheap trick to boost up sales.

  27. Lol. When reading it, you have to keep in mind that all the questions connect. “Disadvantage of being a celebrity?”….”Not being able to date.”….”Even secret dating?”…..”I haven’t been in a relationship before (indicating that he hasn’t secretly or publicly dated before (while being a celebrity)). haha but I can see how the misunderstanding happened.

  28. Based on what I read so far, I think Kyu meant after he debuted because the original question was what’s the most uncomfortable thing after being famous in which he reply about not being able to date then the question about dating follows. .If one focus only on one question and not the entire topic then one would easily misunderstood and i think that’s whats going on. For him to tweet and from what I can understand with the translation I get’ I think he realize that people misunderstood what he said. And he must have read some of the comments in which he is being called a liar.Whether its said jokingly or not it can hurt ones feeling. I know its being said loosely but I feel bad how much else do you think he feels?
    We have to bear in mind that when words are translated sometimes something is missed in the translation.
    On the topic of dating- Kyu find one and do it or acknowledge it publicly already 🙂 I think its about time and so are the rest of the boys. I want to see baby suju :))

    • He meant never date after debut and i believe that, all those things that people comment about him is he’s a liar just because they missunderstood the question and the answer as you said but now i know waht you mean. I don’t take this too serious because when he did date someone i think he would told us anyway ;))
      Still hope they can date and have a normal life.

  29. mr.cho .,,,, how about our kiss before?????
    yea… yea… we must keep our secret.,,,rght???

    hahaha 😀 *crazyfan

  30. Oh the sweet stench of Kyumin lingers on his mind… Its a true wonder how he and Sungmin have remained the ONLY roommates throughout the years…
    That boy is whipped. /sigh Kyumin’s not-so-secret-secret marriage entails… *-*

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