Super Junior-M Fan Party After SJ-M saw Project Thai ELF [TRANSCRIPT] – From 130216

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Siwon: If not all your love that we wouldn’t have a chance that standing on this stage today. I wanna tell you guys since we do not have a chance to meet you guys often but after this I will find a chance to meet you guys often.

Donghae: After I saw this clip. I wish everyone to be with me forever. Suddenly I realized that I wish have a long life in order for us to be together for a long time. Just now, said that everyone waited us in the raining when I saw them, I really regret. I know everyone always love me and I want everyone to know that. And I try the best to reward all your love. I love you. I love you.

Eunhyuk: I don’t cry like this long ago. Every time we have a concert like this , I hope that might have project from Thai ELF today. This time make me very surprised because I meant to say goodbye but this clip show up on screen. The clip mention “Please look back”. Very surprised because you guys prepared amazing project that make me cry today.

Donghae: Thai ELF really very romantic.

Siwon: I want to grateful for all staff that make everyone crying like this. I’m very surprised because nobody tell me that today have a surprise like this.

Eunhyuk: I still remember that we visited Thailand is the first overseas. I never ever forget and never to be forgotten all your love that I got it. I want grateful to everyone that always love me and never change your mind. Really thank you so much.

Donghae: We’ve preparing for Super Show 5 at this period. Even though you are here today . you would come to Super Show 5, right? If you will promise that I will prepare even more cool stage, more beautiful stage and more lively stage.

Ryewook: Zhoumi, Please say something.
Donghae(?): Zhoumi also crying.

Zhoumi: Super Junior M as well, Thailand is the first overseas that we visited. To be honest on that time me and Henry very tried but got a lot of love from thai’s fanclub. Thanks you.

Henry: (he’s speak in English please listen on video) Really Really thank you.

Zhoumi: I love Thailand so much and I’ve prepare the gift. I wrote a book about thailand coming out next month. I promise that will bring it for all those who live in Thailand because it’s about Thailand.

Donghae: Would you bring it for everyone here?

Zhoumi: I promise if not available, I’ll carry them for everyone.

Siwon: Would be for foreign fans? (I’m not sure because the sound on video not clear)

Kyuhyun: I know Thai ELF want everyone to cry. But I don’t cry. I will cry when we only have to be apart. I almost to cry. But if I cry, we going to be apart. Thank you.

Donghae: Eunhyuk crying a lot so everyone has to bear hug him.

Siwon: To ponder, if we have to be apart. How much he probably to cry?

Sungmin: Me,too, I don’t cry. Everyone expect me to crying, right? Everytime I seeing the project like this, I’m quiet and always smile. Because…If I say, I feel crying. So I keep my feeling and forced myself with this way. I know that everyone love me smiling so I will always smiling.

Donghae: Sometimes ELF want you to cry.

Sungmin: But I will always smiling. Just lke kyuhyun said, I will cry when we only have to be apart.

Ryeowook: Unfortunately we only have one round. Regret and really what a pity! That’s OK, please looking forward to Super Show 5. Now we have a song. Let’s listen it.

Kyuhyun: Next song.

From this clip 

Translations by:wawa ‏@Wawa_TH

Shared at by Destinyhae


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  1. annyeong & jal jinesseoyo?

  2. thanks for the transcript

  3. Thanks for the transcript. I saw the video and it’s sad that such a talented guy as Henry wanted to quit and go home because fans were rejecting him. I’m for making him and Zhou-mi regular SuJu…none of this part-time stuff.

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