130217 MorningNewsTV3 with Super Junior-M [TRANSCRIPT]

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Compilation: 130215~? Super Junior-M Fan Party ‘BREAK DOWN’ in Bangkok

Super Junior M interview introducing part^^

MC: Let’s introduce yourself:
Ryeowook: Hello, I’m ryeowook.
Eunhyuk: Hello, I’m eunhyuk.
Donghae: Hello, I’m donghae.
Sungmim: Hello, I’m sungmin.
Henry: Teenager come back. Hello, I’m Henry
MC: Teenager come back. Why are you very fair skin?
Henry: Because my mom fair skin.
Kyuhyun: Hello, I’m kyuhyun. Miss you so much.
Siwon: Hello, I’m siwon.
MC: This person is well-known.
Zhomi: Hello, I’m zhoumi. I’m zhoumi who love thailand.
(MC asking him to repeat and he did it.)

Super Junior M interview^^

MC: You seem to understand it
Henry: (Answer in thai) No. I’m stupid.
translator makes excuses for him. He doesn’t really wise. He must to learn more.
MC: But I think he understand. Who is the big brother in original members of super junior? Is siwon?
(The member pointing to sungmin)
Sungmin: Hello (in thai)

SJ-M speak thai in the end.^^

Sungmin: Thank you. So cute(*hit teen slang in thai)
Donghae: I love you. Miss you so much, Love you my stupid(*this phrase to express of love for baby which kyuhyun often to say when come to thailand but this time donghae grab it^^)
Eunhyuk: Hello, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10(*counting number in thai). Where is the toilet?(*He always say this sentence hahaha)
Ryeowook: I’m ryeowook. Very good.
MC: Is that it?
Ryeowook: Thank you.
Henry: Hello. Working really really really really really really happy.(thinking for a while and then he say in northern thai) Operation, Working, Carefully do it.
MC: What is it?
Henry: Are you understand? Don’t understand?
MC: northern thai language?
Henry: Chiang Mai (*Northern provinces)
Henry: Hello (in northern thai) Operation, Working, Carefully do it. (*Repeat in northern thai)
MC: The viewer of Chiang Mai SMS to me please. Please translate for me.(*He doesn’t clear and really want to know perfectly.)
Henry: Chiang Mai, I love you.
Kyuhyun: Please keep my heart.
Siwon: Hello, I’m siwon. Good morning.
MC: This is the afternoon.
Siwon (*laughing and add): Miss you so much.(*in thai and then say in korea) Thanks for giving your love all time. Thank you very much. I will always love you all the time.(*in thai)
MC: Please repeat “I will always love you all the time.”
Siwon: I will always love you all the time.
Zhoumi: Hello. Did you guys miss me? Everyone be cute.

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  1. i’ll keep your bbebkyu :*)

  2. thanks for the transcript

  3. lol they really said what they want !

  4. They try to speak thai so cute^_^

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