130216 Siwon Twitter Update: We just leave each other but I already miss you

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Compilation: 130215~? Super Junior-M Fan Party ‘BREAK DOWN’ in Bangkok

Cuz It’s U. Wo Zhi Ai Ni 🙂

just done now! thank you all and this is my big bro @DrunkenTigerJK!! MFBTY “sweet dream”

@siwon407 thank you 시원 한 삼춘 ㅎ (Thank you uncle siwon ,and excuse my spit💦)

55555555555555555 22222222222222222

Thank you all my family. We just leave each other but I already miss you. I hope tonight is good for you. good night:-)!!

Source:SiwonChoi ‏@siwon407
Translation by: 김지은 (JiEun Kim) ‏@tomozuki1
Shared at by Destinyhae

for those confused by siwon’s tweet. they played a guessing game & had to guess what thai use as “hahaha” 5555, 7777 or 2222 boys were wrong

they chose 22222 and 77777 correct answer is 555555 lol Kim ‏@sjissj


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