130215 Sungdong Cafe with Heechul [Transcript & Caps]

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Heechul apologized for technical difficulties at the beginning & delay of start.

Heechul danced to Miracle a bit and did a heart

 photo BDHRkcDCcAAfDy_pnglarge_zpsc789452e.png

Heechul is confused by the mp3 versionㅋㅋHe was like “wasn’t there ‘what I want~’ part in there?”(but that’s only in performance ver)

It’s been so long..I’ve forgotten almost all of the Miracle choreography. We even performed it in rock version during concerts.

Yesterday, I went to SM office after service. When I got there,I noticed many parts of the building were changed or being fixed.

SungDong radio today is Super Junior special ㅋㅋㅋㅋ only SJ songs playing.

Cuz I can’t stop thinking ’bout you girl~~~ Heechul trying to remember U dance moves ㅋㅋ

 photo BDHULzVCQAIz52Cpnglarge_zps14747e62.png

I have no time to watch girl groups. I am busy making strategies and reading tutorials for LoL game.

Fan: Hee-nim, there are only 200 days left for you~
Heechul: DONT COUNT THINGS LIKE THIS!!!!!! /sobs/ 200 days .. ㅠㅠ

Heechul: Kangin-ssi isn’t aware of things like valentine too… no, all of us (SJ) are usually not aware of things like that.

Heechul talking about his game life and how he’s in trouble because his score dropped xDD

Dancing to Sorry Sorry! he remembers most of the choreo O_O

 photo BDHXvmRCcAA8ScYpnglarge_zps7f6aa809.png

Heechul: “Siwon, if u ever go run for a position in politics,be candidate #3 since you always greet like this”

 photo BDHYr3YCAAA4lJEpnglarge_zps3d1e832a.png

Teukki and I adore Heebummie. We would take care of it all the time ♥

Heechul has drank with Defcon before but he left early (after 5 minutes), saying “I need to go to the bathroom”. Defcon was like “can’t you go to the bathroom here?” and Heechul replied “I can only go to bathroom at home/dorm” and left.

Heechul dancing Bonamana~

 photo BDHaMwZCQAMkVv-pnglarge_zps314886a5.png

Siwon: Hyung, would you vote for me if I do run for office?
Heechul: No, I’d be running also

Fan: oppa, twitter is crazily active because of you!
Heechul: It should be scrolling like scroll scroll scroll!!

Son Dambi-ssi lives in same apartment as us. Whenever I go over, her dog keeps asking for deep kisses by going”smooch smooch”

Heechul talking about wanting to have a kid again ㅋㅋ

Heechul: Congrats to those who graduated today.. including those in elementary, middle, high.. and kindergarden

 photo BDHdFrbCQAAP2FApnglarge_zpsa3a6a08e.png

Clarification about the cat part: Heechul said he owned 3 cats: Champagne, Heebum, and 체체(CheChe? I don’t know if I’m spelling this right in English…;;). CheChe got very sick, so he had to put it in hospital. When CheChe got better, he returned it to the fan that gifted him CheChe. I missed the part about what happened to Champagne >< and he said Heebum is still with him, adored by Heechul and Leeteuk ㅋㅋ

Question: Heenim, what is your drunk habit? Is it “aegyo aegyo” like Sungmin-oppa?
Heechul: Having to talk about alcohol again ㅋㅋ. Once… after I had enlisted.. I saw that a lot of “Starbucks” were written on my credit card history. I was like “I don’t go to Starbucks daily.. what is this?” and I later realized that it was the charge for going out and drinking (alcohol) … I really gotta start saving up money in the bank for future, especially marriage…

When there was a fire in a floor below, Heechul gave up on taking his new shoes/clothes and ran out with just Heebummie. ♥

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  1. less than 200 days left for Hee’s life as a public servant…looking forward to his cameback 🙂

    • hmmm… 200 days… it feels like it is so soon… i am getting excited..

  2. annyeong heechul si & every1. take care & hv a good wkend 2

  3. thanks for the transcript

  4. i’m also waiting to see you kids oppa ❤

  5. Thanks so much…waiting for Heechul, but when he comes back, Yesung goes in…

    • T____T why must it be like this….

      • Because of North Korea’s regime! They’re a constant threat to South Korea. That’s why they have the mandatory militry service, to ensure their army has sufficient numbers and that their civilian population has at least basic training.

        • I understand that. my dad is an army official in my country and there is danger for us too. it is mandatory here too for men to have training. of course it’s necessary for korean citizens to go as well, I know. It’s just that after being around for that long, it’s strange to have them gone for two years.

  6. I love Heechul XD He’s so funny, but I don’t want Siwon to be candidate #3, bcus that number is for Donghae XD He’s always man #3 XD

    • puahahaha i agree with this xD

  7. It’s really ridiculous how much I relate to the SJ guys my age. 83 line fighting! Looking forward to seeing Heechul more~

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