130214 SBS Cinetown Radio with Siwon [Transcript]

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Siwon- Super Junior is like the original root for all members, a school you cannot graduate from.

(Siwon) Last January, I tried going to a trendy club in London but people started recognizing me and kept asking me if I was Choi Siwon from Super Junior. I replied no and said “I hear that often” but people started gathering so I headed back to the hotel.

DJ: Did you get many chocolates? Siwon: No, I want to ㅠㅠ

DJ: Today is valentines day. Do you have a lover?
Siwon: No. I honestly… feel that my life is sad. My life is too busy right now, and it’s hard to find a girl who can understand it.

DJ- have you ever talked with your mother about the daughter-in-law (or your future wife) she desires?
Siwon: She just replied “Someone that will make you happy… and someone that will be happy with you.. both happy together as partner in life..” and because of the religion I have, she wanted the girl to be Christian like me so we can attend church together

“The Way You Look Tonight” is a song Siwon’s grandmother had recommended to him before. Siwon finds the song special.

DJ: Did you watch 500 days of summer? Siwon: Yes.. I disliked HER. While watching, I thought “She is so weird”

Siwon: If I were to do a romantic comedy acting.. I want the comedy to stand out more until the climax. It’d be funny for someone like me to act stupid… and become very cool at the climax!

DJ: do you have any opposite gender friends that feel like same gender friends?
Siwon: I do. I have some in my age and sunbaenims too. Our relationships are one… where I don’t want to break. One I want to keep as the same, just close friends.
DJ: They think the same too?
Siwon: I.. haven’t asked before… but I’m the type to set the line. If I want to keep them as friends, I won’t harbor any more affection than just friends

DJ: Would you help your friend if he/she needed help? Siwon: If they ask me for help,I’d help them until the problem is solved :]!

DJ: what part do you think you need to improve the most in your acting?
Siwon: The basics. When we… spend time as idols standing on stage, greeting fans,… other actors spend time checking their basics and relearning it. I feel that every idols or singers… going into acting industry.. including myself.. should work hard to learn the basics well.

Siwon: I gave chocolates to the script writers too. I think it’ll be easier for me to come on this radio again next time ㅋㅋㅋ

I heard this last song playing is by an artist you like? Siwon: yes.. I liked Howie Day for a long time now… :]

Siwon:/bursts out laughing/ DJ:Siwon gave me a chocolate today, Valentines…I’m sure he just meant “Hello” w/this chocolate…ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Translation by: ¤NKsubs¤@NKSubs

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  1. DJ: Did you watch 500 days of summer? Siwon: Yes.. I disliked HER. While watching, I thought “She is so weird”

    lol so siwon doesnt get it when a girl doesnt want to commit herself to a really serious relationship with a guy she’s not sure she wants to be with forever

    makes sense i suppose, a lot of guys wouldnt understand that :S

  2. thanks for the transcript

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