130214 SUPER SHOW 5 Announcement by S.M.C& C★★

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★★ SUPER SHOW 5 Announcement by S.M.C&C★★




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  1. annyeong & good luck su ju

  2. thnx for the info….

  3. I wish Henry and Zhoumi to join SS5

  4. uliga eotteohge haneungeoya? we from indonesian? i can’t go TTTTTTTT_TTTTTTTTTT

  5. How much would this cost altogether? >_>;

  6. Global Package?? How to buy?? How much??

  7. there’s a typo error. the english version says sales start 18 Feb, but the chinese version says 18 March. this is quite misleading.

    • It is 18 Feb 🙂 You’re right…There’s a mistake in the chinese version. The tickets for global package can be bought today 🙂

      • Anyone really going to Seoul? the cheapest global package is us$359…

        • I’m in Seoul at that time and I was scared that there won’t be any tickets left when I buy at the 27th of February. So I bought the global package with the cheapest price… It’s really expensive but I think it’ll be worth it 🙂

          • Yes i bought the youth package…this will cost a whole lot more than watching it when it comes to my country, but I was attracted by the idea of a backstage tour, and I heard that concerts there have a much more exciting atmosphere than in my country( because the audience is much more worked up). By the way, are there English translations, especially when there’s talking?Since it’s in Seoul and my Korean is limited to a few words…Sorry, am indeed a bumpkin when it comes to attending Korean concerts…

            • Hello, usually when it’s a Super Show held in Seoul.. there aren’t any translations (because they’re in Korea) unlike when they do concerts in different countries, especially for the VCRs, they provide subtitles when they speak/narrate on it. Depends on what country they’re in, subtitle is embedded on the VCR itself.
              As for when the members are talking, when they’re outside Korea, they have translators backstage to help the boys relay what they’re trying to say. But when in Seoul, they don’t have translators. (based from SS4 experience)
              K-ELF are awesome when it comes to fanchants, so it really is exciting to watch with them during the first stop 🙂
              Hope this helps.

  8. whaaah!! i wanna go too!!! I want to have ticketss!! I hope my money will reach to buy those tickets >___<

  9. in indonesia??

  10. when will it be held in Indonesia??

  11. I hope they will come to the Philippines! I really wanna see Donghae in Person! Waaah!

  12. come to the Philippines pls?

  13. aaaaaaaa i really wanna go to see SS5 but i can’t altough i will be held in Indonesia TT.TT my parents’s permission is the most expensive ticket i think..

    altough i can see it but i really hope indonesia can include the list of SS5 world tour^^

  14. it said ‘”first world tour” and “VIPs all over the world” ?? wth

  15. when when When they comeeee

  16. Oh! the fifth epidemic outbreak of suju virus is coming. I also want to infect with that virus

  17. hwaaaaa!! if only we won the first spot in MAMA we could help a lot of ELF(like me) to gain tickets for SS5 :((

    • i mean the voting in MNET for the kpop fandom :((

  18. love their performance so much

  19. I heard SS5 Tickets are sold out already for Seoul?!?! Does it mean that there won’t be tickets left for those, who can buy it only on 27.February?

  20. Hey! Any tips on which kind of seating should I get? I really like the “mosh pit” but it has no seating so someone a lot taller might be on my way and I can’t see anything… But that is one of the best places? So what would you recommend?

    • I mean I’m not going to that concert but in Paris… but aren’t the seating plans kinda same? 🙂

  21. yeah !…..SS5 IS COMING I CAN’T WAIT FOR IT..!

  22. I’m new into this business (I’m a newbie to everything Super Junior related, so ofc Super Shows and all) so I’m confused.

    It’s a ~~world~~ tour, so that means they’ll go all over the world, that’s just the first stop and the next dates and countries will be revealed later, right?
    Global package is just a privilege (just what, it’s a freaking good thing) for those (who have lots of money – not my case, though xD) who want to go on the opening of the tour, am I wrong?

    I feel so dumb right now OTZ but please, bear with me >-< Thank you

    • You are right… The world tour is going to other places as well, though the dates and countries havent been confirmed yet. So that is just the first stop 🙂 This clobal package is for those ELFs who want to see the first stop show… I cant go there :/ but I’m planning on going to Paris show!!!

      I’m quite new aswell, and you shouldnt feel dumb 😀 I didn’t know anything… Well I knew who Yesung was ( and he is still my favorite), but now I know a lot more

      • Aah, thank you ^-^
        If in South America they come to Brazil, I’ll try to go too.

        Omg, I also came to know SJ because of Yesung xD
        And even now that I know all the members, he’s still my favorite. First it was because of his looks but now I fell for his voice ❤ (after him comes Heechul and his humbleness u-u)

  23. Philippines pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee….(^___^)

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