130213 Super Junior World Tour “Super Show 5′ First Stop Confirmed

February 13, 2013 at 7:47 am | Posted in Events/Concerts/Perfs., Schedules, Updates, Wonderboys | 36 Comments

First Stop: SEOUL, Korea. Dates – March 23rd at 7PM and March 24th at 4PM

Ticket price: 99,000won
Ticketing open: normal-2/27 8PM Kst
Fanclub – 2/25 8pm kst

 photo BC9pXNJCQAEITzO_zps11b51a95.jpg

Source: GMarket 
Translated by:  ¤NKsubs¤ ‏@NKSubs
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by jazzzyjam


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  1. OMG OMG It’s starting!! I’m so excited – even though I won’t have a chance in hell to go LOL They won’t even come near my country, but I’m still SO EXCITED!!!! 😀

    • me too! me too! I have no chance to go but I really really want to watch. korean elf are so lucky. I want to watch! I want to watch! T T

  2. GOSH! so excited! waiting for SS5 USA please 🙂

  3. Omg finally it started…. yeay! ^^

  4. It’s finally here guys, i am so freaking excited now, hopefully it will be a real World Tour outside of Asia and France^^
    Man I want those flowers that Leeteuk threw out at every concert though, however on the good side, Kangin is here so it will be awesome =)))

  5. all the best all sj + good luck for u all 2

  6. Prepare yourselves… SuJu is coming…
    Good thing I started saving money 2 months ago ^^ Now let’s see when will the stop at Europe be…

  7. I am prepared to go either in Europe or the States
    I only need to know in advance
    And get the tickets, which last time I tried proved to be impossible

  8. OMG!! Im excited cant waitt!!

  9. OMFG SS5 is coming so Heenim was right !! SS5INA Please >_> ;A; i am sooo excited ><

  10. Germany please..? Or… anywhere near… I really want to go there!

  11. Ss5 Paris ?

  12. malaysia this time…. malaysia ELF need ss5

    • agreee!!

      • Yes. Definitely this time around plz stop at Malaysia n have a concert at Stadium Bukit Jalil. Plz!!!!

  13. whoaaa Chukkae Soul !!

    super junior is coming

    SS5 in jakarta plase ㅠㅠ I really need it

    • kk sorry typo >< i mean is Seoul

      • Please 🙂

        • SS5 INAAAA!!!!

  14. You can just join the official fanclub if you’re korean, right? 😥 So, international ELFs can’t buy tickets on the 25th of february right? T^T
    I’m in Seoul at that time and I’m scared there won’t be any tickets left!!! 😦

    • And does anybody know where I can buy tickets? Is there a site, where international ELFs can buy it? thanks 🙂

    • no. Freb 25th is for official ELF and 27th is for non official. so u have chance dear

      • why must separate to official n unofficial..isn’t ELF all one?? why can’t non korean join the fanclub too T_T

        • Because SM havent even open the ELF fanclub registration yet, the last time they open was like idk ages ago lol
          There’s this new thing that will be available for international ELF soon, i just have no idea when it will actually be like open.

        • i don’t know dear. it’s always like that. the official ELF always get the 1st chance. like ss4 in Japan. official Japanese ELF got the 1st chance to get the tickets too. the non official could buy the tickets later. it’s what i heard.

  15. Please ss5 in Thailand 5day

  16. Finland ELFs need SS5…
    so…Finland plzz…

  17. Oh! SS5, I really really want to watch, but they won’t never come to my countryT T. I never regret to be a citizen in my country but I regret this time T T

  18. It’s less expensive than I expected; only $91 USD. But maybe they did it on purpose in order to accommodate the younger fans.

  19. last year i was in Shanghai for SS4 and my ticket cost was the double,,,and the seat was very far away from the stage…bt it was worthy 🙂 …hope the come to the states


  21. Assa!!! I’ll try my best to buy tickets!

    Why don’t they open registration in official fan club? T_T

  22. They never even come close to where I live. But I’m still super excited! ^^ I hope ELF who are actually lucky enough to attend the shows would get loads of fancams and photos for us to see. Fighting oppadeul! ❤

  23. When is SJ coming to KL, M’sia? Wish soon????

  24. Ss5 New York, please!!! Ss5 in USA! Suju fighting!

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