130214 Donghae reveals Kangin has been doing a lot of community service

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Compilation: 130213 2nd Gaon Kpop Chart Awards with Super Junior

Donghae revealed what Kangin has been up to.

At the ’2nd Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards’, Super Junior won an album of the year award with ‘Sexy, Free & Single‘. While they were sitting in the audience, MC Chu Young Hoon went around interviewing the artists. Donghae accepted the mic from the MC and revealed, “Kangin has been doing a lot of community service, and he’s adapting well (to life after the military)“.

Kangin had been under fire for various things before he decided to enlist. Donghae had just revealed that he had been working hard even after his enlistment to let the public know that Kangin would not make such mistakes again. Kangin also revealed, “Even though Super Junior isn’t actively promoting an album at the moment, I think there’s a good opportunity I can see everyone again personally,” hinting that he may participate in solo activities in the near future.

What type of solo activity would you like to see Kangin participate in?

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  1. that’s great kangin si, good for u and all of us 2

  2. I want him to do something that will make him happiest
    I would love to listen to him singing solo
    He has a wonderful husky voice
    Makes me dream

  3. I support him in every task he chooses anyway

  4. Oppa… Return to variety!! I miss you…..

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