130213 Master Chef Celebrity – Henry’s profile [translation]

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★Master Chef Korea Celebrity★ 6th Master Chef Celebrity Card! World dominating Super Junior sub unit group, Super Junior M’s cuteness overload maknae Henry. By looking,his trademark is his eye smile which is made by a smile. A look at his eye smile and it’s all-kill for fan girls! However a hidden cooking idol who cannot be taken lightly~! Chosen to be cooking movie “Final Recipe”‘s main actor and learning from world famous chefs. Can global idol Henry become global Master Chef? Share on Facebook and leave your comment ^^


Words on the card:
Strong in Chinese cuisine, Cooking Idol Henry
Cooking Moive “Final Recipe” main actor SJM Henry

Famous Chef imitation skill: 5 stars
Eye smile presentation: 4 stars
Seriousness: 3 stars

Source: Olive TV Official Twitter (olive olivetv_twt)
Shared at by firnia

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  1. Seriousness: 3 stars … he he … remember when he cooked with sungmin at SJM cooking program

  2. Yes,hope he will doing well.when he cook
    with sungmin,he just help to prepare and cuting all ingredients.but its good that kyu not join this program^_^

  3. Seriousness:3 Stars….

  4. LoL!!seriousness : 3stars


  5. Our great chef Henry, good luck! I’ll be rooting for you!
    Seriousness – 3 stars 😉
    That’s quite a lot for our Henry! (good to see the person writing his profile actually took the time too look know him)

  6. annyeong big head henry bosss & good day uh

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