130210 Top 28 most popular male idols in China

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Recently, Baidu conducted a survey to find out the most popular idols in China.

JYJ’s Jaejoong topped the poll, followed by EXO-M’s Luhan, Big Bang’s G-Dragon and many others. In particular, as a rookie, the impact of EXO (EXO-K and EXO-M) surprised everyone. EXO-M’s Luhan climbled to #2 and 6 fellow members are also on the list. They are rising quickly as new Hallyu stars and their future there is bright.

Check out the full list below and tell us do you agree with this?

1. JYJ Jaejoong
2. EXO-M Luhan
3. Big Bang G-Dragon
4. JYJ Yoochun
5. Super Junior Heechul
6. SS501 Kim Hyun Joong
7. FT Island Hongki
8. TVXQ Yunho
9. Super Junior Donghae
10. JYJ Junsu
11. EXO-M Kris
12. 2PM Nichkhun
13. EXO-K Sehun
14. TVXQ Changmin
15. Super Junior Kyuhyun
16. EXO-M Lay
17. Super Junior Leeteuk
18. Super Junior Eunhyuk
19. EXO-M Tao
20. EXO-K Chanyeol
21. EXO-K Baekhyun
22. Big Bang TOP
23. Super Junior Siwon
24. CNBLUE Yonghwa
25. Super Junior Ryeowook
26. Super Junior Sungmin
27. Super Junior Kibum
28. Super Junior Yesung

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  1. They spelled Eunhyuk’s name wrong. The “jae” they used is the wrong one 😦

  2. SJ always be the first in my heart… i dont care if the other ‘ELF’ turn to be exotic or whatever,, for me,, i’ll always support SJ.. as long as i can.. they’re the only reason i study korean,, the only reason i bought modem,, the only reason i follow KNews regarding them.. its SuperJunior wave for me.. not Korean Wave..
    Super Junior Fightiiiiiiiiing!!! Super Junior saranghaeeeeee >0<
    naneun ELF iyeyo!!!

    • no matter what,i only & only love suju,especially eunhyuk
      for me suju is the reason i wacth kpop and the reason i bought modem
      same as u kkkkkkkkkkkkk

      • Waaaaa… me tooo.. XD
        my first OTP is Hyukkie n Kyu 😀
        I’m a Sparkling Jewel XD

    • we are the same xD SJ forever!!!

      • I also agree i started watching and learning Korean because of Lee Hyuk Jae. Super Junior will always have a place in my heart.SUJU forever <3<3<3

  3. annyeong & wish u and your families all the best in the year of snake. good healthy and happy 2 : D

    ps: miswriting KH’s chinese last name o

  4. no 15

  5. No idea what ranking they are in but KangIn and ShinDong are in my heart as strong as the other SJ members
    Let’s hope SJ-M gives some leverage to Chinese members ZhouMi and Henry too
    This is about popularity in China, after all

  6. I think this ranking is not that bad considering: 1. The members are listed separately; 2. SJ has the most members; 3. If you only name your bias, than the fandom has to be divided into at least 10 parts. So the fact that almost all those parts made it to the top is not bad at all. Now imagine if they made group rankings and combined ALL of those biases! 🙂

  7. Wow i never expect for kibum in the list eventhough he is not active as sj member.dont get me wrong im happy he is in the list im just bias sungmin is 26. Btw this is for boyband or all idols becoz i dont see girlband

  8. Big Bang’s T.O.P and Kyuhyun in the list… My ultimate bias! I’m so happy for them *-*

  9. 17,18,20 ! wohoo~ ^^

  10. For me, it’s always Kyuhyun first. Love all of SJ.

  11. Even though SUJU isn’t at the top of the list, I’m happy their on it.SuJu fighting ❤

  12. luv sj 4ever

  13. Super Junior is always be my first,Suju is the first idol that I had love for many years,before them I had many kpop idol that I adore and sometimes when my friends asked me who is my favourite,I don’t knew who to choose but since I know Suju.They capture my heart till now.Many years passed but I still love them and be their fan(ELF)..^_^SUJU FIGHTING

  14. Donghae $$

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