130209 Siwon at Girls’ Generation’s Concert in Kobe [1P]

February 9, 2013 at 11:18 am | Posted in Events/Concerts/Perfs., Pictures/Videos, Shiwon, Wonderboys | 17 Comments

Credit: S e n a♡ (sena89line)
Reupload and Posted by: salimahsj (www.sup3rjunior.com)

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  1. Elf.. Please vote for leeteuk.. The best husband & strongest idol leader.. http://global.mnet.com/star/poll/vote.m?poll_seq=59.

  2. How nice of him! Though I hope he didn’t fly to Japan only for this – he needs more schedules there to get on the good side of J-ELF and Japanese people 🙂

    • was he the only one there out of sj members? and why did he went to japan?

      • yup.. he was there on his own.. He also has some 3rd wave activities :))

      • he has some personal schedule there

  3. [RANT]Siwon goes to Jpn for his work relating to Christian base.

    Many ELF, especially bbKyu fans, spread or believe that Siwon goes there only for SNSD concert and jump on him for abandoning Kyu because of GG ??? Does it even make sense? I tried to tell one of them to get information straight before dramatizing her/his head and heart but then only got ‘you don’t know how it feels’ and “BACK OFF’ replies. So stubborn, rather being dramatized based on misinformation than learning the true fact. Seriously?

    And what’s with the demand Siwon must be at bbKyu side on his last musical? As Siwonest, we get used to the fact that other bias stans only see Siwon as the giving end, never the other way around. It’s OK because Siwon doesn’t mind, so why do we? But it’s so unfair when some fans cross the line, writing all ridiculously hateful messages to him based on false facts and unreasonal demands; even worse, attacking him on his registered birthday and New Year.

    I rarely voice out how I feel about unfair treatment from fans or ELF to Siwon but this is too much. Just hope other bias stans are more understanding and considerated towards Siwon and Siwonest.

    Sorry, just want to get this sad thing off today so I can have a better New Year Day.

    Happy Lunar New Year, everyone!

    • super junior are one we love all of them right even henry and zhoumi right then why is this happening ?

    • actually, it feel the same with other members too like when other bias stans attacking leeteuk when they thought falsely bout teukies action, or when others bias stans attacking kangin bcoz of his past. I merely sees about ELF treating Siwon badly in this sites so i dunno about it.
      As long as I already defend SJ member and give them the real fact about it then its okay coz not all of ELF like that and mostly the one who did that bcoz they know nothing n loves to make assumption.

  4. proud to be elf-sone..
    hyungie awesome!

  5. wow all the way to Japan for GG’s concert, makes me think one of them its his girlfriend!!LOL

    • ME TOOOO!! But It’s okay. Siwon-sshi actually must get a girlfriend right. He’s not young anymore XD LOL!!

  6. lol. u gúy, siwon went to Japan for poseidon concert, not GG.

  7. siwon on gg’s concert? my heart~ 😀

  8. i need backstage’s picture..SNSJ ❤ ❤

  9. yeah! i know what u mean! i am a siwonest, too.
    i am absolutely agree with you.
    you know how he always get the weird comments even those from elfs…
    eventhough he have good intention to do something at first, some elf would get it wrong -_-

    but, you know., i think i will just laugh at those stupid comments..when they let theirself being missunderstood..

    one thing that would be disturb me, when Siwon him self read them, he is affected and take it seriously

  10. whats wrong if he went there for gg? they are actually good friend. i dont really understand why fans hate seeing sj and gg has a good relationship

  11. oh my siwon and i m siwonest ……………oppa i always support u forever

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