130208 Sungdong Cafe with Heechul [Transcript]

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Heenim brought up his car accident from 2006 and told everyone to remember to fasten their seat belts, it’s no joke

Hee: A while ago while I was playing a song I came across old news. This news might make my fans sad. “Kim Heechul’s story in traffic” back in 2006, everyone knows my dongsaeng Donghae’s father passed away. The next day I had a schedule, so the company told me not to go. But I had to go no matter what, and on the road back from Mokpo I got into the accident. Why am I bringing this up? For the lunar new year many people are returning home. You must fasten your seat belt. I’m not joking. If you were sitting in your car and suddenly get into a crash you will become superman (fly out of the car) but if you put on your seatbelt it won’t happen. Seat belt is very important!!

Credit: 暖暖酱子呀

Hee: When it comes to girls I don’t look at height. What short or tall. I said it a lot before, I like girls with pretty legs

Hee: I saw an article of me back in 2005. I was 22… Now I’m 31 T.T (counting by lunar year)

Translated by: @ELF_thoughts

Heechul talked about how his dongsaengs(Kangin, Donghae, Ryeowook) always made food for him so he didn’t feel the need to cook before

Heechul talking about his beloved Asuka-jjang again ㅋㅋ and pretending to read a comment in Otaku style

Heechul said height doesn’t matter for him. He said as long as her legs are pretty, she would be his ideal type ㅋㅋㅋ

Heechul talked about realizing the importance of wearing seat-belts after the car accident. Told ELF to always wear it on a car

Heechul breaking down to Sorry Sorry and I13’s song

Heechul said after the car accident, he was on phone with Donghae, making jokes, but he doesn’t remember any of it now.

Heechul said his current weight is 64 Kg

Heechul said he was half conscious while talking with Donghae on the phone after the car accident. Managers thought Hee was amazing

Translated by: @NKSubs

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  1. One of the saddest moment in Elf history were when Donghae’s appa died and later Heechul involved in accident..Double shock for Elf..Glad that we are all here now, together..SJ, you are truly amazing..

  2. sorry, u r a bit meaty 2. legs for bday, got it. i can vowed for seat belts important uh, i’m a walking proof 2.

  3. ELF + Super Junior will always make it out alive no matter what </3

  4. thanks for the transcript

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