Kangin at Hanoi &Tuyên Quang, Vietnam [7P] – From 130205

February 6, 2013 at 6:43 am | Posted in Kangin, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | 4 Comments

Compilation: 130202-? Kangin in Vietnam

All Reupload and Posted by: jazzzyjam (
Please credit ‘SUP3RJUNIOR.COM’ as well. Thank you.

Credit: Good Neighbors Vietnam Via Kei不懂 ‏@84209

 Kangin played with kids at Tuyên Quang , Viêt Nam

 photo GoodNeighborsVietnam84209_zps04bab1ad.jpg

Kangin at the market with children during charity event at Tuyên Quang , Viêt Nam

 photo marketwithchildrenduringcharityeventGoodNeighborsVietnam84209_zps43ffa99e.jpg

Credit: Jungchu Via Kei不懂 ‏@84209

130205 Kangin with V-ELF at Highlands Coffee, Hanoi

 photo 130205KanginwithV-ELFatHighlandsCoffeeHanoicrjungchu_zpsbc993a6e.jpg

Credit: Gengfan Hanoi Via Worldwide Elfs

 photo 20130205-201348_zps18d57084.jpg

 photo 20130205-201351_zps4e128c96.jpg

 photo 20130205-201401_zpsf8cb2c40.jpg

 photo 20130205-201404_zpsdaec3db9.jpg



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  1. he’s so handsome!! and so slim ❤

  2. Kang bear with kids ❤

  3. you can tell how sweet he is by looking at those children being so comfortable and smiling around him. Sweet bear~~~
    and OMG, he is now really slim…

  4. Awww he looks so good with kids… so caring and lovely, but I think he over doing his diet … he’ too skinny 😦 ……^^

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