Kang In Gets Jealous of Donghae and Eunhyuk’s Friendship – From 130204

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130204 Eunhyuk & Donghae Twitter & Weibo Updates: Its snowing heavily.

Once again the Super Junior members make fans smile with their cute bromance.

Super Junior M members have presented their new album “Break Down”in Korea receiving a positive response from the fans.

Recently, Eunhyuk posted a picture on Twitter with Donghae while drinking coffee and asked fans to be careful with the snow and mentioning that he was dragged out by Donghae who just replied that he felt good.

A couple of hours later Kang In replied to both of them on Twitter with the following messages

@AllRiseSilver Why do you guys go out without me? I am sad. You probably went and drank the ice choco again right? It’s expected even if I don’t see it ㅋㅋ

@donghae861015 Are you happy about going out on a date by yourselves without me? Probably you didn’t order again and you just took a bite from Eunhyuk’s right? It’s expected even if I don’t see it…ㅋㅋ

Later Kang In mentioned that he wanted to drink Ryeowook’s sweet potato latte and as a good dongsaeng he prepared it for him and posted a picture on Twitter asking him to hurry up and drink it. Kang In then replied that he was fulll just looking at it and promised to buy him pepper later.

The Super Junior Bromance Adventures of February have just started. Tell us what do you think will happen on the next episode?

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  1. I hope they perform their duet song “hello” at other places or release it on music sites so fans can download it! I WANNA HEAR IT SOME MORE!~

    • I also wish they would perform the Chis Brown song “take you down” i think that would be a big performance for the audience to see.~ EunHae ❤

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