130206 Super Junior’s Siwon Endorses Audi Korea

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Audi Korea appointed actor Ha Jung Woo and Super Junior‘s Siwon as the brand’s honorary ambassadors.

Super Junior’s Siwon is a multi-talented entertainer with world-wide popularity. He’s won countless awards at many domestic and international music award ceremonies as a member of Super Junior. Moreover, he’s starred in TV shows like “The King of Dramas,” “Athena,” “Poseidon,” and so on. As one of the most popular Hallyu stars, Siwon also holds the record of having the most twitter follower in Korea. He has approximately 3 million followers from all over the world.

As both Ha Jung Woo and Siwon are both widely popular in Asia and Audi branches in other Asian countries are also interested in Korean entertainment and celebrities, Audi Korea decided to appoint the two celebrities as the company’s honorary ambassadors. Ha Jung Woo and Siwon will be attending official Audi Korea events as honorary ambassadors and will be given Audi S8 and Audi R8 Spider each during their term.

CEO Johannes Thammer of Audi Korea commented, “Both Ha Jung Woo and Choi Siwon are intelligent and elegant. I admire their artistic talents and sentiments. Their images will create a synergy with Audi’s dynamic prestige brand image.”

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