130206 Kyuhyun Twitter Update: Come to a pension with my middle school friends.

February 6, 2013 at 12:44 pm | Posted in Cyworld/Fancafe/UFO/Twitter, Kyuhyun, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | 10 Comments

I thought I would come to a pension with my middle school friends to play, receiving healing and go but…..I exhausted my stamina while playing foot volleyballㅜㅜ in the midst of receiving healing while eating meat once again^^

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Source: @GaemGyu
Translated by: @teukables
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  1. hehe i’m glad BabyKyu had fun (it looks like)!

  2. oh, he said in sukira that he was packing to hangout…
    so this is it…. i’m glad that uri maknae had some fun with his middle school friend…^^

  3. Kyuhyunnie really do have a LOT of friends…kekekeke

  4. that’s nice to see kyu had a fun n good time…
    🙂 hwaiting!!!!! ❤

  5. haha.. i like it that whenever he tweets, it’s almost always gonna be food or vacation 🙂

    • haha, you’re right. soon kyu will have a food and travel blog… keke

  6. kyuhyunnie tampak manja sm temennya :O
    spoiled kid 😀

  7. Kyuhyunnie may be very happy now .Always smile like this, my ultimate baby ^^

  8. Why does everyone do a reunion with old friends these days?? O.o
    well… actually I only saw Siwon and Kyuhyun. from their tweets.. =,=

  9. LOL – poor Kyuhyun xD because he used all his stamina messing with the hyungs xD

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