Compilation: 130202 Kangin in Vietnam

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130202 Kangin at Incheon Airport (to Vietnam) & Viet ELF waiting for him (at Noi Bai International Airport) [6P]

130202 Kangin at Noi Bai International Airport (from Korea) [Fancam!]

130202 Kangin at Noi Bai International Airport (from Korea) | Part 2 [Fancam!]


130204 Kangin Twitter Update: Ah…

130204 Kangin Twitter Updates: It’s as easy to see as Yesung (reply to Eunhyuk and Donghae)

130204 Kangin Twitter Update: Thank you, Ryeong^^

130205 Kangin Twitter Update: And dont say “someone will do it”

130205 Kangin Twitter Update: It was really nice to see you all and see you again V-E.L.F

130206 Kangin Twitter Reply to Kyuhyun: I’m stunned ㅋㅋㅋ

130206 Kyuhyun Twitter Reply to Kangin: there’s no gwamegi

130221 Kangin Twitter Update: I am a guy that went and came back from Vietnam

130302 Kangin Twitter Update: Ah…Where did Daddy go ㅜㅜ

In Vietnam

130204 Kangin at Tuyên Quang, Vietnam [3P]

Kangin in Tuyên Quang,Vietnam [2P] – From 130205

130205 Kangin at Sông Hồng Resort, Vietnam [5P]

Kangin at Tuyên Quang, Vietnam [Fancam!] – From 130204

130205 Kangin at Sông Hồng Resort, Vietnam [Fancam!]

Kangin at Hanoi &Tuyên Quang, Vietnam [7P] – From 130205

Kangin at Highland’s Coffee Hanoi, Vietnam [Fancams!] – From 130205

130221 InStyle Magazine March Issue – Kangin [10P]

InStyle Magazine March Issue – Kangin [Preview Cut] – From 130228


130214 Super Junior’s Kangin spotted in Vietnam

130228 Super Junior Kangin Goes to Vietnam to Play with Children

130228 Super Junior’s Kangin volunteers his time in Vietnam

130301 Super Junior’s Kangin does volunteer work in Vietnam


130221 Kangin in Vietnam [5P]

130221 Instyle Interview with Kangin [Translation]

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  1. anneyong & good day kangin si

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