130205 Sukira (KTR) with Sungmin and Ryeowook – Kyuhyun’s Phone Call [Transcript]

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 130205 Sukira (KTR) with Sungmin and Ryeowook [Transcript]

KH: Ah Hello.
CNBlue: Yes Hello. Please introduce yourself.
KH: I am Kim Suhyun living in Dobong gu.
CN Blue: How old are you?
KH: I am 23 years old.
SM: It says you prepared singing like Jonghyun?
KH: Ah yes..I am fan of Jonghyun.
(talking themselves)
KH: Ah.. should I sing now?
All: Ah sorry we made you wait.
KH: Ah I caught cold so I don’t feel well but I will do my best.
CN Blue: He’s good~
RW: You changed it on purpose right?
KH: Ah.. I really sing well but I don’t feel good.. Ah I like CN Blue Jonghyun a lot.
RW: When do you like him most?
KH: Ah I like him when he does break fall. He is so sexy when he does that.
CN Blue: You aren’t entertainer right?
Kh: Huh? Entertainer? What entertainer…
CN Blue: I will show break fall again later.
KH: Ah thank you. Wait.. since I listen to sukira often.. I like Ryeowook and Sungmin too.
RW: Ah but I heard that you prepared one more thing. Do you have? Suhyun gun?
KH: Uh.. what I prepared? no..
KH: Hello I am Super Junior’s Kyuhyun. Ah nice to meet you Sukira, I appeared beause I heard CN Blue would be coming to sukira. Ryeowook ssi hello.
(talking themselves)
KH: There are DJ right?
All: Yeah..
KH: I think they are not doing well now.
SM: That’s because we let Jonghyun talk.
KH: Ok let me listen to him.
CN Blue: Ah when I was recording I got a message from him saying ” talk about me.” But I couldn’t do because I saw it after the recording.
KH: Jonghyun ssi do PR for me.
CN Blue: Ah Kyuhyunssi..
SM: Ok stop we don’t have time
RW: What were you doing?
KH: I was packing to go hang out.
RW: Ah.. It’s not Suhyunssi?
KH: Ah Ryeowookssi you still didn’t understand?
RW: (To Jonghyun) You are Kyuline right?
KH: Jonghyun ssi says that he is Kyuline but he is too into SHINee’s Jonghyun so Changmin and I and Minho feel envy.
SM: You feel uncomfortable right?
KH: I feel very uncomfortable. And also Yonghwa ssi always shows weird smile whenever he sees me. He started to avoid me since one point and became weird. Yonghwa ssi be careful.
Anyways I appreciate that I can appear Suikira by phone. I know you love CN Blue’s new song already but please listen to their song more and help them stay rank 1.
RW: Kyuhyunssi pls say something to Ho staff.
KH: Ho staff said that I am ugly and I feel so bad and I don’t want to meet again. Just kidding Just kidding.
RW: Ok Kyuhyunssi please visit our sukira again.
KH: Yeah yeah.
RW: I will hang up now.
KH: Yes Have fun and good night.
RW: Yes Bye~
KH: Bye~

Credit: Translated by:  @leejenni | OurGyuhyun
Shared at by Heeverlasting



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  1. its so nice to hear that my IDOLS SuJu and CnBlue are friends :))

    • me2 so happy to know that…..

      • me 3 XDDDD ~~!!

        • Me too! i am kyu line shipper ( esp kyu-jonghyun)

  2. “KH: Ah I like him when he does break fall. He is so sexy when he does that.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA XD That was freakin hilarious XD

  3. seemed fun & good day all

  4. this is not really complete..some of sungmin’s lines are missing 🙂 but thank u..

  5. finally someone translated it,, thank you ^^

  6. packing to hang out???
    yaa~ kyuhyun~ssi.. what time is it?? 10PM.. huhu
    nappeun kyu~ kkkkkkkkk

  7. Thanks for d translated..

  8. kyuuuuuuuuuu>____<

  9. thanks for the transcript

  10. Kyuhyun is amazing.he can actually pretend to Sing off key! I notice sungmin wanted to laugh after hearing it but he control it.its so funny!

  11. Lol i think i am too much of a SeoKyu shipper xD The fact that he said Yonghwa gives him weird smiles xD all i thought was Seohyun xD But anyways i love this conversation between different idol groups 😀 🙂

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