130205 Eunhyuk Twitter and Weibo Update: Eunsihae Dinner time

February 5, 2013 at 1:21 pm | Posted in Cyworld/Fancafe/UFO/Twitter, Donghae, Eunhyuk, Pictures/Videos, Shiwon, Wonderboys | 17 Comments

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Eunsihae Dinner time

 photo 727416212_zpsac0059a6.jpg

EunSiHae Teatime #Weico+#

 photo eunhyukweibo_zpsbb6b9e38.jpg

Source: @AllRiseSilver and @haohaohyuk
Twitter translation by: salimahsj (
Weibo translation by: @SJBlueKingdom

Kyaaaa Eunsihae!!!



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  1. have a nice Dinner oppa u look sohandsome

  2. LOL they are all dressed for different seasons as always
    Using Siwon as reference,
    Eunhyuk, aren’t you cold?
    Donghae, are you that cold? -.-

  3. These three want to kill me lately!!! I can’t handle so much EunSiHae! God! ❤

    They spent the day together it seems: ate dinner at one place, than had "teatime" at a different place ASGJDLFJS I'm lovin it!~!!!

  4. Hyukkie back to dark hair, I like! hehehehe

  5. kyaaaa…black hair xD

  6. who’s the girl behind hae?? which taking the picture??

    • where is the girl? I cant see

  7. Who buy the bill? Kya Kya..

  8. 3rd feb eunsihae went to watch movie
    4th feb eunhae went to drink coffee at night
    5th feb eunsihae have dinner and teatime… LOL!

    • ^^

  9. Oh Jae back to black hair I like it when his hair is black .Its goood to see sunshine together. I love eunhae but more more lovable to see three handsome together

    • Correction eunsihae

  10. Eunsihae ~!!!!!!!!! Aigoo, this is too much to bear!!!! My favorite pairing! Have a good time oppas, you make me crazy xD

  11. hyukkie with dark hair and specs .. love it

    lol siwon n hae looked like hyuk’s bodyguard imo

  12. EunSiHae!!! Kyaaaaa… I’m loving it!!! My top 3 bias!!! 😀 Bonding time together… suuuuppppeeeeerrrrr love it!!!

  13. EunSiHae!! ^^
    Siwon is so handsome, Eunhyuk is so cute. Donghae is so cool.
    my men~ Perfect!! ^^

  14. they look like they had a good day,eating,movies and coffee to bad they didn’t save me any lol.Hyukjae u look good with the black hair even though i think u look very handsome with any color…….so fine… u guys eunsihae ❤

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