130203 Which Super Junior-M Member Was the Cutest Kid?

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There′s something about stars′ baby photos that we just can′t get enough of, and we know we′re not alone as every time a celebrity′s past photo surfaces on the Internet, it instantly becomes a hot topic.

Not even the hottest celebrities can avoid blasts from the past, and as the wildly-popular Super Junior subgroup Super Junior-M has been dominating the spotlight with its recent comeback, we′re looking back on some of the members′ more obscure days.

From the deathly cute to the downright funny, we′re going way back. Try to guess who is who and, let us know which member you think was the cutest kid.

 photo 2_zpse6489a02.jpg

Who knew this chubby kid with glasses would become the main vocalist of one of K-Pop′s hottest idol groups? And a handsome one at that! Despite his surprising past, we can see traces of the Super Junior-M member here – can you?

 photo 3_zpsd27a1533.jpg

Meanwhile, this Super Junior-M member hasn′t changed a bit since his childhood days. That smile should give this one away.

 photo 4_zpsf97e4178.jpg

This Super Junior-M member is not only a talented dancer and rapper, he′s a class clown. Just looking at this photo makes us laugh.

 photo 5_zps30501300.jpg

This Super Junior-M member has a sharp tongue and isn′t afraid to say it like it is as one of the MCs on MBC′s Radio Star. His expression here says it all: Don′t mess.

 photo 6_zpsf480313a.jpg

Doesn′t this cutie just look like he was meant for the stage? He may be Super Junior-M′s maknae, but his exceptional musical talent more than makes up for his age.

 photo 7_zpsa4da16f9.jpg

His adorable Super Junior-M member recently played a prickly character in a Channel A drama, but we all know it was all an act. I mean, come on, just look at that face.

 photo 8_zps44d332a6.jpg

This Super Junior-M member and The King of Dramas star had a prince-like upbringing.

 photo 9_zps49d8a9d7.jpg

Tracking down a baby photo of this Super Junior-M member proved to be more difficult, but we couldn′t leave him out! We hope none of you look as puzzled as he does because this one is a piece of cake.

Which Super Junior-M baby is the cutest? Let us know below!

Source: enewsworld.mnet.com
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by salimahsj

From top to bottom: Ryeowook, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun, Henry, Donghae, Siwon, Zhoumi 🙂 All are cute!


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  1. Henry and Donghae…

    • Obviously my dearly cutie pies mr.lee donghae & mr. Choi siwon

  2. Lol honestly if someone had handed me these baby pics and said “guess who?!” without telling me these are suju m members, except for hyuk’s I would have been like ‘uh…?’ Haha i’ve seen a few but the rest I would never had guessed.

    • you cant tell sungmin? O.o

      • I actually got stuck on him lol I have no idea why >.<


  4. I couldnt recognize most of these kids >< #fail

  5. SPOILER!!
    Answer(from top to bottom) :
    Wookie, Minnie,Hyukkie,Kyu,Mochi, Hae, Wonnie,Mimi!!! 😀 (I didn’t see the answer.Promise I didn’t! I didn’t even know the answer was given!!)
    Wookie, so chubby and cute!(And now he’s so thin!!)
    Minnie looks like he hasn’t aged at all!! What is he, a vampire?!!
    Hyukkie well, looks like Hyukkie…
    Kyu: Don’t mess!! LOL
    Mochi look like a kid from a commercial!! SO SQUEEZABLE AND ADORABLE!!!! SO MOCHI!! 😀
    Hae actually doesn’t even look like Hae…
    Wonnie looks so rich..
    Mimi’s kinda hot in the pic!!

    • look close hae has this gentle face sweet kind of look I only mixed kyu and henry but after I looked closer I was henry baby

      • and donghae mouth did not change

        • I knew siwon from his scared eyes antell this day it is the same when siwon get surprised or shocked he will be like O_O

  6. of course it is ryeowookie~ he’s so chubby and i want to have a baby like him. unfortunately now he’s getting skinner 😦

  7. ah, but sungmin oppa is cute too. man, he’s not changing at all, still so cute from past till now. anti ageing sungmin!! XD

  8. Wookie?now he very thin.recognize from his smile but not sure .he change so much.sungmin and eunhyuk still same until now

  9. Haha I thought Kyu’s baby pic was Siwon’s but when I scrolled down oh there’s Siwon then I read the hint and I was like ohh it was the birthday boy

  10. hyuk’s description : “Just looking at this photo makes us laugh”… is that face so funny O.o??

  11. kyu’s photo is same like my gravatar lol
    looks so evil kkk

  12. doghae and siwon are the cutest…..

  13. LOL Kyuhyun really looked like someone you shouldn’t mess with even in kindergarten and Siwon looks like a kiddie CEO hahaha!

    Sungmin and Hyuk were very easy to guess 😀

    • Agree with you about Kyu kkk
      His evil aura started since kid, geeez this boy –” 😀


  15. Sungmin and Eunhyuk look the same to me.
    Cute donghae and henry,oooo i want to pinch their cheec.
    Baby siwon looks like a boss^^
    Ryewook diet worked.He is a bit chubbier before.

  16. LoL Siwon the little CEO, he already looked like a prince !! Donghae and Sungmin were cute too !! I’m sure Kyuhyun used to be the Evil in his kindergaten !!
    So much cuties here !!!

  17. Siwon’s is the one that made me laugh. All dressed up and ready for a board meeting.
    They’re all cute kids.

    • LOL “ready for a board meeting.”

  18. they’re all so cute ^,^ <33333

    • donghae’s and sungmin’s are the cutest. biggest improvement is wookie. siwon looks like a young executive.

  19. They all look cute
    But the cutest imo is not here and I do not understand why
    Baby Yesung is the cutest for me

    • Baby Yesung looked so sad ……………. but adorable-to-the-max :B

      • no pic of baby yesunp here.its SJ-M pic

  20. i think i have a mimi baby picture somewhere XDDD

  21. i think i have a mimi baby pic somewhere hehe

  22. so cute Siwon!!!

  23. i think baby hae is so freakin cute *fangirls in the corner* and really those pics i have memorized them by heart since ya know so long ago i guessed them all right. yeeey me

  24. lol Siwon’s photo is hilarious !
    back then he was already full of expressions ^^

  25. Kyuhyun is adorable and sassy even as a kid xD
    Can’t mess with this kitten ❤

  26. My ovaries XD ❤ (In order: Wookie, Sungmin, Hyukjae, Kyubaby, Henry, Hae, Won, and Mi)
    I think they were/are all freaking adorable ❤

  27. Ahh! They’re all so cute!!!

  28. Oh ..siwon is soooooo cute

  29. (going by pictures) first one is ryeowook by a long shot, it’s very obvious because of his eyes and face form 🙂 second is sungmin because i’v already seen him as a kid/teen/pre-adult before xD third is eunhyuk! i yelled that out the first second i saw him, wow his features really grew with him. fourth is kyuhyun, it was hard but i could tell by his eyes and his facial expression x’D fifth is henry, how can you not tell by the way he smiles hehe! 6th one is donghae! 7th is siwon!!!!!!!!!! 8th is zhou mi! i almost said the 6th picture was zhou mi, until i was the last one and knew that was really zhou mi 🙂 donghae really grew into a handsome boy kya! i think Siwon is the cutest ah my god he’s so adorable!!!!!!!!!!~<3

  30. I recognize all of them without seeing the answers ^^
    But I guess it’s because I’ve seen do many child pics of them..
    They should include the other..Leeteuk is damn cute! Heechul as well! Yesung is always cry in the pic XD Kangin and Shindoing are dead giveaway, and Hankyung..totally look like a cute chinese kid~ ^^

  31. i only guessed ryeowook, sungmin, and eunhyuk. after that, no idea except zhoumi. 😉

    • u didn’t recognize Siwon? lol

  32. Zhoumi just burn old xD
    I guess them all. It was a litte hard to recognize Kyu. But lmao at Siwon, he born with a suit and a prince aura XP

  33. donghae n kyuhyun ofcourse…..

  34. I can’t recognize them.. except hyukjae and min.
    But henry is so darn cute XD
    Min too.. 🙂 He looks the same in his high school photo, no?

  35. omg kyuhyun evilness aura even seen from that 4th boy xD
    ahah ❤

  36. omg i can’t recognize lee donghae LMAO but after i knew he’s lee donghae, i was like “OMG THE LIPS….VERY SAME” HAHAHA

  37. siwon was born a ceo!!

  38. Cuteness exploded all over this page. O-o

  39. I think henry is the cutest member in suju m, henry has a baby face n he act like a baby when he with his hyungs…. ^^

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