130203 SBS Inkigayo Pre-Recording with Super Junior M [Fan Accounts]

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Compilation: 130203 SBS Inkigayo – Super Junior M

Break down today is Korean version

boys had a rehearsal.outfit is colorful.Hyuk had his glasses on then didn’t know where to put them when rehearsals started

Kyuhyun: Hey. Fans: Yes? Kyu: Hey Fans: yes? Kyu: Hey Fans: yes Kyu: I ate the support well!!!

Credit: s__jr13

Eunhyuk says he will get lasik next week

Credit: obses_s

Eunhyuk said again that he will be getting lasik on Thursday

Credit: midal_sj13

Before starting, someone yelled “Henry!” and Eunhyuk said “Henry? No Haetni?” (“Haetni” sounds similar to “Henry”. Haetni means “did you do it?” so he’s making a pun here- Did you do it? Did you not do it?) fans were like “uh..” and he was like “what?”

members took turns kicking Kyuhyun’s butt after fans sung for Kyu. Ryeowook stretched his foot up to Kyuhyun’s face

Credit: sj_is_all

sungmin back-hugged Eunhyuk but Eunhyuk was like “Is this Kyuhyun? Kyuhyun?”

Credit: s_j__E_L_F

Kyuhyun kept touching the set wall during Break Down recording because of the layout

Credit: kyuandme

There was a tiger on back of Donghae’s outfit. He kept turning around and pointed at it with his two thumbs, saying “Break Down” Siwon oppa said “Hey, this is Life of Pi?”

After rehearsal+2 recordings,staff said 1more time. Sungmin sat down like a mermaid & had the ‘end of the world’ expression

Credit: Gorgeous_Chieun

Ryeowook said “Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio” and Fans were like “This is SBS” ‏Ryeowook covered his mouth and snickered

Credit: ladeLeeee

Donghae held few fans hands before leaving.

Eunhyuk asked if fans slept well. Fans replied yes and he said “No wonder your faces look good today!”

Credit: 1004SMl

Eunhyuk winked many times during the recording. Fans asked later if he could see and he replied “nope~”

Credit: F5REVOR

Ryeowook oppa, your hair is pretty Wook:/touch hair/is it pretty? Fan:what color is it? Wook: Purple! I copied Hyukjae hyung

Fan: why did you not put on contact lenses?
Eunhyuk: I am getting lasik next week
Jwon0508: Oh? I got one! Me!
Eunhyuk: Uh? got it?
Ryeowook: (Laughs hard) But were you allowed to come?
Jwon0508: It’s okay. I have sunglasses on. keke
Eunhyuk: Why did you dress so much like a celebrity? kkk

DH kept laughing at me.I was like why r u laughing?-.-and when recording finished,one fan told me”thanks to u,i saw DH a lot at my side”lol

Credit: jwon0508

Translated by: @NKSubs

Kyu kept crashing into the side pillars

Sungmin is acting like a princess today. He fell down after announcing they were going to do it again

Credit: himurahimeko

Hyuk was talking and Hae touched Hyuk’s cheek

Ming back hugging Hyuk!! AH!!!!

Hyuk: I’m not wearing my contacts so I can’t see you guys while performing. Fans: aww ㅠㅠ Hyuk: I feel more comfortable that way ㅋㅋ Omg TROLL

Credit: miran02125

Eunhyuk is doing lasik surgery soon, he said that he has to get well soon or else he can’t see fans

Credit: mushroom

Hae was touching Henry’s face and then he kept showing off the back of his jacket

Credit: mybaobei

Kyu didnt speak much today. He dance without expression when ELF sang happy birthday for him

After the birthday song members all kicked Kyu’s butt and he expressionlessly pushed Hyuk xD

Credit: 100pfan

Sungmin hugged Hyuk’s waste like a koala, but Hyuk kept asking if it was Kyu

Credit: 栗子饭团_

Translated by: @ELF_thoughts

Hyuk cant see haha i.guess he doesnt have his contacts.using his glasses to elf

Kyu changed his jacket after rehearsals

Lots of henhae moments and sungmin back hugging hyuk♥♥♥

Kyu has patterned pants on lol.. Siwon in big white pattern jacket eshirt inside… Donghaes jacket looks army front tiger back

Hae keeps adding in his own dance moves lol

Sungmin and just sat at the steps looking and smiling at elf.. After the pd said one more and sungmin sat down

Like he was in shock and didnt move and then slowly got up smiling at everyone waving and slowly walked to the as

Aww at the end after everyone said bye and lights were off elf were standing up to leave kyu stood in the middle saying chogiyo! Chogiyo!ㅋㅋ

Then he said he ate the support well awww sweet boy and as they walked away finally we sang happy bday one last time

Before the last run siwon stood infront of hae and posed and laughed

Credit: sjissj

SJM recorded 4 times today. Before recording, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun and Henry posters were given out but there were very few posters available. On stage, Sungmin hugged Hyukjae for a very long time. Second recording we sang birthday song to Kyuhyun, and all members went to give Kyuhyun a kick on his butt. Ryeowook acted as if he kicked Kyuhyun’s head. After recording, biscuits were given out, and it was tied with messages from the members. There’s only one original copy~ the rest are printed.

Credit: 蓝站BlueSJ官博

Translated by: hyorkjae

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  1. what is lasik surgery??? is that eyes surgery??? what is the uses of that??

    • yes, its usually meant to correct shortsighted-ness… the surgery is usually done within 10mins and you will be able to see pretty clearly right after the surgery… but the crucial thing is the after surgery care.. first 24hrs after the surgery, you are supposed to sleep your way through so that the eyes can recover..

      i had mine done 1.5 years ago… especially if you are myopic like me (literally blind without specs or contacts), the surgery was really great…

      really hope hyukie will take good care after the surgery… and rest real well…

      Korean ELFs, please remind him for us please ^_^

      • i didnt know he’s shortsighted (idk what is it called), n if he said he cant see without glassesi so it’s pretty bad n he has to go lasik.. i never saw him wearing specs, i mean he likes to wear glasses but without he always wears contacts..
        i hope the surgery go well..
        i feel like a bad jewel for didnt know it..

        ps : i wanna see hyuk with glasses, hyukmin hug n members kicking kyu..

  2. that’s sweet & sounded a lot of fun. will pray for mr. lee’s lasik + hope sungmin si’s ok.

  3. i hope there will be some secret fancams from this 😀

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