130203 SBS Inkigayo Pre-Recording – Messages from SJM to ELF

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Compilation: 130203 SBS Inkigayo – Super Junior M

Fans were handed out chocolates with personal messages written by the members of Super Junior-M. Only 8 lucky fans obtained the original messages while the rest received copies.

Photo Credit: ♥ ‏@s__jr13

Message from Ryeowook:
Last day of promotions in Korea!! I love you~ Applauds for fan club owners who gifted us “Hot B*eak” (it’s a        chocolate) because we are promoting “Break Down” kkkkk
Wear warm clothes since it is cold outside~!!
SJM loves Korean fans too!
Super Junior M Ryeowook

Photo Credit: ♥ ‏@s__jr13

Message from Donghae:
“To My ELF, Let’s get married!”
130203 인기가요 동해 싸인 복사본 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Photo Credit: sunmi91 ‏@sunmi91

Message from Sungmin:
Our dear ELF who we are always thankful to~ thank you for being with us despite the cold weather these days ^^ Please watch Super Junior M’s promotions and stay healthy! Be happy with Sungmin!

복불복 초코바 메세지 이벤트  성민 메세지!

Photo Credit: 치유제 ‏@PJS_LHJ

Message from Kyuhyun:
“My love, my ELF! ^_^ You know how I feel right?kk”

Photo Credit: 나의 힐링 ‏@Gengsuni

Message from Eunhyuk:
“Oh~ what is this? You are a lucky person~ From now on, you will have a daebak year!!!”

Photo Credit: 살빼자…★ ‏@Midal_SJ13

Message from Siwon:
(his signature)

Photo Credit: 7년 째 열애중~ ing ‏@o3o_____wow

Message from Henry:
“Dear fans!!! I am Henry!! Did you eat ?!! kkk I love you!!”

Photo Credit: 어빵 ‏@13elieves

Message from ZhouMi:
“Thank you for loving SJM’s stages this week! Please continue to love SJ-M and Zhou Mi a lot♡ Thank you to everyone who supported us

Photo Credit: Fabiola @jwon0508

Translated by: ¤NKsubs¤ ‏@NKSubs
Shared at by triangolo



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  1. Super Junior……..i love u all ❤
    haeppa, i need marry with you..,,#plakk

  2. Haha..cho kyuhyun!!like ur message.. XD
    Happy b’day… 🙂

  3. whoa I didn’t know ryeowook could write his name in chinese that well!

  4. Eunhyuk ryeowook and Zhou mi handwriting is well handwriting among them :)))

    • Haha I see one show that he said Eunhyuk’s handwriting is like a girl (pretty), mybe Ryeowook too~ and Zhoumi..mybe because he is new? When I’m first learning hangul, my handwriting is neatly written! XD

      • it’s not hyuk who said it.. it’s the female mc..she said it in oh my school.. * i feel creepy for remembering the detail XD

  5. I like the way Ryeowook wrote his chinese name.. well-written.. better than my chinese handwriting.. haha.. ^^

  6. annyeong & that’s sweet. dh si, i heard muslin can hv 4 wifes but how many times u r marrying yr elf??!! ;; p hopefully, i didn’t get it wrong.

  7. other oppa deul i can recognize korean or english that he is writing , when i look at Donghae’s handwriting im like…… is that Japanese????

  8. Korean elf are very lucky. I also want to eat chocolate.^_^

    • Give me chocolate oppas…I want all suju oppas’ chocolate….. CHOCOLATE OPPAS :O:Ox-(

  9. ^_^Hae oppa, you had already married to eunhyuk oppa, didn’t you?….<3<3<3

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