Super Junior-M at Hubei TV Recording – Zhou Mi | [30P] – From 130126

February 2, 2013 at 2:48 pm | Posted in Drama/Film/TV/CFs, Pictures/Videos, Super Junior-M, Wonderboys, ZhouMi | 11 Comments

 Compilation: 130125~28 Super Junior-M in Wuhan & Guangzhou

Credit: 神觅_周觅全球后援会
Reupload and Posted by: jazzzyjam (
Please credit ‘SUP3RJUNIOR.COM’ as well. Thank you.

 photo IMG_4231_brvbarbrvbar1_zps7d8d8508.jpg

 photo IMG_4231_brvbarbrvbar7_zps7d79df8e.jpg

 photo IMG_4231_brvbarbrvbar6_zps751f390b.jpg

 photo IMG_4430_brvbarbrvbar_zpsf56ebd14.jpg

 photo IMG_4231_brvbarbrvbar4_zpse696f8ec.jpg

 photo IMG_4231_brvbarbrvbar_zpsf0c0e266.jpg

 photo IMG_4231_brvbarbrvbar10_zps239e36c7.jpg

 photo IMG_5018_brvbarbrvbar_zpscd53b788.jpg

 photo IMG_4861_brvbarbrvbar_zps87c0bf07.jpg

 photo IMG_4848_brvbarbrvbar_zps8ae4711a.jpg

 photo IMG_4231_brvbarbrvbar3_zps0f74cb5e.jpg

 photo IMG_4231_brvbarbrvbar2_zpsda283819.jpg

 photo IMG_4231_brvbarbrvbar5_zps4aa82fcb.jpg

 photo IMG_4607_brvbarbrvbar_zpsbc75e788.jpg

 photo IMG_4295_brvbarbrvbar_zps9671ca1e.jpg

 photo IMG_4232_brvbarbrvbar_zps54811d4a.jpg

 photo IMG_4231_brvbarbrvbar9_zps46429aaf.jpg

 photo IMG_4231_brvbarbrvbar8_zps88853168.jpg

 photo IMG_5330_brvbarbrvbar_zps7214290f.jpg

 photo IMG_5052_brvbarbrvbar_zps49f47a3d.jpg

 photo IMG_4809_brvbarbrvbar_zps38757570.jpg

 photo IMG_4763_brvbarbrvbar_zps593bd907.jpg

 photo IMG_4753_brvbarbrvbar_zps99c9af87.jpg

 photo IMG_5528_brvbarbrvbar_brvbarbrvbar_zps27817a0c.jpg

 photo IMG_5505_brvbarbrvbar_brvbarbrvbar_zps2abad863.jpg

 photo IMG_5443_brvbarbrvbar_zps3e754a68.jpg

 photo IMG_5432_brvbarbrvbar_zpscbf6ac20.jpg

 photo IMG_5362_brvbarbrvbar_zps1a93bdd3.jpg

 photo IMG_5359_brvbarbrvbar_zpsdc8096b4.jpg



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  1. aaaaaaaaa….. so so cute..
    i love SUJU so so much… my idol

  2. ah~so that is saxy&cute side of zhoumi oppa…

  3. Always smiling… He really looks like a child of Teukie and Siwon, especially now when Siwon has similar hair color…

  4. These pictures weren’t supposed to be taken out of Weibo… .___. For those of you saving them, please don’t post them anywhere else.

    • sorry about that. i didn’t know because i don’t have a weibo. if i known i wouldn’t have uploaded it. sorry again

      • It’s no problem. I don’t have a Weibo either… I only know this because a few Mitang Twitter friends were updating their Zhou Mi-based fanbase and these were some of the pics that they couldn’t upload directly.

        So long as no one tries to post these anywhere else, it’s okay. 🙂

      • If you don’t have a weibo, where did you get the pics? There are no secondary credits there. Also, I run a Zhou Mi fanpage and I posted this but then I learned that they’re not allowed to be taken out of weibo, so I just took them out of my fanpage. I think you should also do that and link to the original source for people that wants to save the pictures for themselves.

  5. can I just like this a million times >3< zhou mi you are so beautiful~~ x33

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