Sungdong Cafe with Heechul [Full Transcript] – From 130201

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130201 Sungdong Cafe with Heechul [Cuts]

Sungdong Cafe with Heechul [FULL] – From 130201

Everyone, I had a few words to say.

As you know, it’s Saturday tomorrow. My favorite game will be having a contest tomorrow.

Our Hanyang Uni… SungDong-Gu is Hanyang University right?
At Hanyang University, my friend will be participating in this contest.
If it is possible everyone please go give your support.

Honestly speaking, tomorrow is a Saturday, non-working day.
So if I secretly wear a cap and whatsoever…. Should I go? Should I go? I really want to go down and have a look!!

For me, I am totally an idiot in football, basketball, baseball etc.
When watching World Cup I would just follow the crowd “Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh!!!!!!!!!!!” when in actual fact I don’t know anything. (a/n: LMAO)
But as for computer games, I really like it.
PC Games Competition, (I) will be very happy after watching it. While I am playing games.

Really want to attend tomorrow’s contest. My friends around me will go down too.
Should I go should i go?
In the past our Super Junior member Kyuhyun, he is really good in Star Craft.
After (he) went to watch a competition he told me “Ah hyung! Watching these are really exciting!”

I really want to go down tomorrow, plus it’s not a working day for me too… Ayy… the temptation… What should I do?

Note: Hee oppa, your “few words” turns out to be a 2 minute of non-stop blabbering. XD

Source:  暖暖酱子呀
Translated by: leeteukbaby @

1) Listener: I feel down today, I failed the exam which I prepared for the past 3 weeks. Really feel so disappointed.
Hee: You must be feeling sad/disappointed right now, but that’s not the end. Have to think that no matter what you do, you will gain something in the end. Remember few years back when I went back my school to give a speech, I remember I said, as long as it is not illegal, we will all learn something in the process.

2) Hee: Even though at that time I am playful, like to drink, like girls, ahh ya ya, it should be like making friends. I fell into the PD’s trap (a/n: guess at that time PD mislead him). For instance if I drank a lot, even though I’ll feel horrible but I will learn to reflect (my) actions next time. Now (I’m) still learning everyday. No matter what, even if you failed you will still learn from it.

3) Listener: Oppa your hairstyle today looks nice, especially that 2 strands which points outwards.
Hee: Today my hair grown 2 wings~ Haha. But since there’s no hairstyle that doesn’t look good on me, so I will happily accept your compliment.

4) Listener: Please pick my message. I’m a Taiwan fan. I am very happy to be able to see you on broadcast every week. However, why are you always wearing cap? I feel that your hairstyle is the coolest during Super Show 3. When was the period where you love your hairstyle the most?
Hee: Super Show 3 was right before my enlistment right? Are you referring to the hairstyle which I had when playing with the drums?

5) Hee: When the song was playing just now, PD-nim asked me, does our company have any rules on our members dating? I said our company will not interfere with our personal life, a normal person will definitely fall in love. If you meet a nice girl you will try dating her. But it would be good if we tell the company beforehand, so that if anything happens, it’ll be easier for the company to handle…. As for the rest I shall not speak more.


Credit: 梦希_
Translated by: leeteukbaby @

1) January has ended, some people will say “Ah.. why did time past so fast?”, while others will say “Ah… Time is not moving…”. No matter what, February is a new start!

2) Next week will be our Super Junior Song Special

3) Now (my) girlfrend (pillow)… Our Asuka, jinja… I brought her home, and Kangin hugs her like that… Donghae too… (a/n: hugging in a position where the pillow is behind their neck, like a neck support)… So now I don’t want her anymore… Starting from now I must meet a better girlfriend.

4) Went to BoA’s concert with Kangin-ah. BoA uses live band… Woah… That feeling is just… As expected from BoA!

5) The reason why I keep wearing a cap, is because last week my mum… she told me to “never take off the cap… it’s too ugly (without it)!!!!”

6) Listener: If you are a girl, which member among SJ would you chose as boyfriend?
Hee: Leeteuk treats girls well, but there’s pressure; Kangin is not bad too, but he’s too playful; Ryeowook is okay but as time passes (he’ll) be boring; Siwon is slightly better; But I still feel that Donghae is the best, as he will always take care of details! But if girls are looking for guys, it is better to find guys like me, because I’m more interesting. If it’s dating it will be Kim Heechul, marriage will be Choi Siwon!

7) Listener: Oppa your cap today looks like Kyuhyun oppa’s.
Hee: In our dorm, caps and everything are all placed together… Everyone will just pick any one of it, sharing… like this cause our relationship is close! Kyuhyun really likes cap, while my favorite ones are sunglasses.

8) Listener: Oppa do you like girls who speak dialect?
Hee: I really like girls who speaks dialect, because it is cute! Hahaha rather than “Oppa have you eaten?” (Seoul perfect accent), I prefer hearing “Oppa-ya, have you eaten?” (Busan dialect). So cute!!

9) Listener: Oppa are you the type of guys who don’t need rice, don’t need sweets, all you need is cyber cafe? Humph!
Hee: Haha for this… In the past I will always make an appointment in the cyber cafe, so that I can get a good spot. 14th February is Valentine’s Day right? (a/n: this part was lagging, can’t hear properly), I guess (I’ll) go cyber cafe!

10) Listener: Today is the 520th day of our oppa’s enlistment! Congratulations! I love you!
Hee: Ah!!!! Do not congrats!!! Ahhh Ahhhhh No! Don’t!
Listener: In Chinese terms 520 means “I love you”
Hee: Oh so it means this way… Thank you! 🙂

11) Now (I’m doing) healthy-diet management, so my alcohol intake had decreased. I will feel unwell the next day if I drink. If there’s a gathering today then I will allow myself to drink a little, and (I) will remind myself that if I drink too much I will look haggard the next day! But tomorrow I will still drink a little HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

12) That song of BoA’s that was played just now, I know the dance routine. I am serving the army now, no chance for me to dance. Even tho I will still dance in clubs and disco…. Ah I’m just kidding. Because there’s no chance to dance, I had forgortten most of it.. (Heechul started shaking and moving his body). Looks like I will have to go to a club tonight with the SungDong District officers. Because of this radio broadcast, actually I don’t really like… But because of radio… You guys know it right…
(a/n: I think Heechul is trying to clear up that he does not like going to clubs, but because of live broadcast he just saying it for fun.)

13) My mum told me “Do not take off the hat! It’s so ugly!”. Mum… I’m your son~ The hairstyle that I like most is those long and carefree, like Ryu Seung Ryong (a/n: I think it’s those centre-parting long fringe style). Because I had been “Flower pretty boy who is prettier than girls” for a very long time. I’m tired of that…. Recently I’m trying all kinds of hats/caps. Change one every week! Go to DongDaeMun and look for caps!

14) That was BoA’s <Atlantis Princess>. Aigoo I really forgotten this dance steps.. Aish… Next week’s Super Junior Special can it be changed? What should I do if I forgot our dance….

15) The last song will be BoA’s new song <Disturbance>. Taemin participated in the MV. Next week New Year Special, everyone please remember to watch~ See you next week!

Source:  暖暖酱子呀 | 影子的素描
Translated by: leeteukbaby @

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