130202 Kangin at Incheon Airport (to Vietnam) & Viet ELF waiting for him (at Noi Bai International Airport) [6P]

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Compilation: 130202-? Kangin in Vietnam

All Images, Reupload and Posted by: uksujusid (
Please credit ‘SUP3RJUNIOR.COM’ as well. Thank you.

“Kangin is on his way to one country in Asia. Who will be the lucky fans to get his surprise present! via

Credit: Kanginfamily

130202 Kangin

Unfortunately MAJORITY of Viet ELF where in fact at the wrong airport 😦 Where Kangin ended up arriving there was only ten ELFs.. However, thank you to everyone who was present in both places 🙂

Credit: ♥ Danny ♥ (danny76041) and CamomileVietNam (VN_Camomiles)

Viet ELF

Viet ELF 1 Viet ELF 2 Viet ELF 3 Viet ELF 5



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  1. I Come from VN, we so sorry about that…cuz Kangin wanna give us a surprice…i hope he won’t sad, cuz first time he come to VietNam but just 10 ELF there :(….i’m sorry, cuz All ELf think he gonna appear at HCMC but the true is HN 😦

  2. Oooh! Such disappointment for them!
    Also for him, who probably expected to see more fans welcoming his presence 😦

  3. Come visit me in me in New Jersey oppa LOL

  4. the truth is that he had gone to Ha Noi airport but almost V-ELFs thought that ha had gone to HCM City 😦 I’m terrible sorry :(( i cried so much. I have nothing to say

  5. Vietnam News said the wrong airport. V.E.L.F sorry Appa

  6. what is kangin doing in vietnam???? is there any special event???

    • Supposedly to visit a sick fan in the hospital

      • may be he can join Running man in Viet Nam ^^

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