Eunhyuk at Tous Les Jours | Part 2 [Fan Account] – From 130129

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Three fans rode the same elevator with Hyukjae and his mom.

One of them said to Hyuk,
Fan: “oppa, you look handsome when you exercise”
Hyuk: “you saw me exercising??”
Fan: “Ah no, your arms are handsome (toned)”

Hyukmom and Hyuk laughed when hearing this. ㅋㅋㅋ

Hyuk: Only my arms are handsome?
Fan: Your face is handsome too!!


Source: 징징이

Fan: “Oppa, when is my birthday?”
Hyuk then casually said “4th April”
Fan: “wow. How do you know?”
Hyuk: “It’s right?!” ㅋㅋ
Fan: “Yep! (oppa is) awesome!
Hyuk: “April 4th? Same with me!” and got excited. lol cute.

Fan: “Oppa, who am I?
Hyuk: *pointing* “Um… that… um….”
Fan: “Oppa, I’m xx(her name), xx.
Hyuk: “Ah right, xx..
Fan: “We have the same birthday right~ so, remember me like that!”
Hyuk: “Sure”
Fan: “Babo.. Oppa is babo right?
Hyuk: “I guess so..”

// LMAO XD this cute babo <3333

A fan gave Hyukjae a SJ support slogan as gift
Fan: “Oppa, here gift!”
Hyuk: “Oh? I think I have a lot of it already?”
Fan: “You have one at home?”
Hyuk: “Yes I have”
Fan: “I don’t know you have it already, so I brought it”
Hyuk: “It’s okay, having more is fine”
And he accepted it still. 😀

The fan told Hyuk to not always be at Weibo and asked him to tweet more.
Hyuk: “I am tweeting well right”
Fan: “No you didn’t. You posted a lot on Weibo but on Twitter, you only tweeted twice..”
Hyuk: “Arasseo..”
The fan said sorry, but he should tweet more..

//aigoo.. poor Hyukkie ^^;;

Source: 도리도리

Fans bought ice-creams, they already ate some before and wanted to choose different flavours, Hyuk told them “eat twice, keep eating” LOL. Then they bought chocolate ice-cream and one of them bought coffee flavoured. Hyuk: “Coffee?!?” ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

They bought two ice-creams only but Hyuk packed them into the plastic bag, normally they’d just hand them like that so they asked Hyuk, why packed those ice-creams?

Hyuk: “I love packing! That’s my job right! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ”


Source: 晟敏

Fan: “Oppa!”
Hyuk turned and looked at her, she got shy “Ah.. nothing.. ^^”
Hyuk: “Why? Aren’t you going to confess or something?”

XD brat.

Source: 슌/잠시 컴백

Fan: Oppa, you did a mistake in SJM choreography right?
Hyuk: No.. ㅋ
Fan: You did, during Break Down, cos of that Donghae and Sungmin also made mistakes
Hyuk: It’s not Break Down.. it’s GO right.


Fan asked Eunhyuk, Donghae is not opening anything (store) right
Hyuk: Donghae?
Fan: Yes
Hyuk: Where?
Fan: At Geondae
Hyuk: Geondae?
Looks like he never heard of this before.

**p/s: apparently, there’s this rumour spreading amongst Korean fans since yesterday that Hae is opening a bar in that area.

Source: AReum1106

When it’s her turn, because there’s so many things to say, she was still thinking what to say first when Hyuk suddenly “3,2,1, ddaeng! Now you cannot say anything”

hahaha cute

Source: Lee u young

Fan gave Hyuk a teeth-shaped case containing candies as gift.

Fan: “Oppa do you want to eat this?”
Hyuk: “What’s that?”
The fan playfully said “Teeth! ㅋㅋㅋ It’s sweet~ ㅋㅋㅋ”
Hyuk: “I won’t eat that”
Fan: “But this is one and only… it’s sweet!!”
Hyuk: “I am NOT eating that!” with cute expression.


Source: 뚜왕 서현

Fan: “Oppa, actually I’m in a fight with my boyfriend, what you think is good, to solve this?”
Hyuk: “Heol.. you had a fight?”
Fan: “Yesㅜㅜ”
Hyukmom: “Omo!”
Fan: “ what should I do..”
Hyuk: “You should win it!!”
Fan: “How to.. it seems like I can’t winㅜㅜ”
Hyuk: “Of course you can! If you hit him ppwak!! like this, it will do~”

hahahaha Hyukjae is A+!

Source: 최지은

Fan: “Oppa you’re really handsome!! Really!
Hyuk: ….
Fan: “I didn’t know you’ll react like this when I said you’re not handsome….”
Hyuk: “Why?”
Fan: “Huh?”
Hyuk: “Because I’m worn out today, I don’t look good? Right?”

//earlier the fan was joking around with Hyuk, saying he’s not handsome just to tease him, but she then quickly said that he IS handsome and when Hyuk was kind of sulking, she kept saying that he’s really handsome to cheer him upㅋㅋ

Fan: I say Eunhyuk, you say handsome! Eunhyuk!
Hyuk: I know~
Fan: If I say Eunhyuk, oppa should say handsome!
Hyuk: ….
Fan: but I shouted ‘oppa! oppa!’ during 떴다 오빠 (Oppa Oppa) performance……”
Hyuk: How would I know that? ㅡㅡ
Fan: I really did!!

The fan also said to Hyuk that her sister wanna come too but she couldn’t because she needs to go to the kindergarten to her kid. Eunhyuk then said, he loves kids. ^^

Fan: Oppa, do you want me to show you something funny?
/showed Avatar picture
Hyuk: Ah I’ve seen this a lot~
Fan: Oh really?
Hyuk: It’s all over the internet~
Fan: What do you think of this?
Hyuk: I look handsome~~
Fan: Ah.. ne..

^^ll ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Fan: Oppa, I think it’s going to rain today~
Hyuk: Just now it rained
Fan: Why you come on this day?
Hyuk: /embarassed/
Fan: Come when the weather is nice~
Hyuk: But today it’s not cold right?
Fan: Our feet is freezing tho..
Hyuk: Okay..

//lol last week the fan and Hyuk had this convo where she said to Hyuk that he always come when it was the coldest day of week ㅋㅋ

Source: 살빼자

Fan: Oppa, recommend a drink!
Hyuk: Hot choco!
Fan: …
Hyuk: Ice choco!
Fan: Okay, I’ll order that~

Fan: Oppa now that I meet you in person, I think you’re really handsome
Hyuk: *smiling* Right?!

She wrote everything she really wanted to say to Hyuk in a letter,
Hyuk: Can I read it here?
Fan: 0_0 no no!!!! Why you want to read it aloud?

And Hyuk kept teasing her that he will, but in the end he didn’t and kept it. ㅋㅋ

Source: ece_eh

Fan bought a cookie and hot choco.
Hyuk: do you mind putting it (the cookie) in your pocket?
Fan: *couldn’t hear him* Huh?
Hyuk *speak slowly* No I said.. put it… in your pocket… do you mind…?”
Fan: *don’t really get it* Huh??
Hyuk: You want plastic bag?
Fan: Ah no, no need.
Hyuk: Good. We should not waste plastic bags.


//lol i wonder if this happened after that two ice-creams incident XDDD Hyukkie learnt his lesson eh~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


The fan said when she was putting the cookies in her bag, she saw Hyuk suddenly went to sit down, Sora unnie was next to him, patting him and Hyuk looked like he’s hurt.

Source: 익명

A fan asked Hyuk: “Oppa, you’re having a hard time right?”
Hyuk: “Just a little~”
Hyuk said, he sat down earlier because his leg is hurting a bit but now he’s okay. Then he kept smiling.


Fan: “Oppa, I think your face got smaller, how did you do it?”
Hyuk: “No it’s not. There’s no such thing”
Fan: “Oppa, how did you have such a good skin?”
Hyuk: “No~”
Fan: “No but your skin is really good! How come is that?”
Hyuk: “I already have good skin since birth~ hehe”

Source: fairy0405

Translated By: Puteri 이슬~@honeydewname
Shared at by: firnia

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  1. Eunhyuk oppa I wish to go to your shop and meet you, your so cute and nice, your soooooo handsome, your our dancing machine, please take care of yourself and get well soon.

  2. almost forgot mr. lee’s leg hurt since u had been on the shows dancing all over, pls pls make sure u r ok. take good care of yrself & dh si 2

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