130131 Super Junior M is back with “Go” & “Break Down” on M! Countdown

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Compilation: 130131 Mnet M!Countdown “Break Down” Comeback with Super Junior-M

 photo SJM-1_zps9a6f2560.jpg

Super Junior M performs their new song “Go” and “Break Down” on M! Countdown.

Check out their highly anticipated comeback performance below

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  1. wow, glad to see siwon joining break down’s choreography unlike perfection

    • He does look like he’s enjoying himself…

  2. the two performance were so so so so coool .. I love it that they are performing in Korea finally 🙂

  3. suju m fighting!
    donghae’s new hair style sooo cooool i love it

  4. lots of henry screentime! he’s doing great here.

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