130130 Sukira Open Concert with Sungmin and Ryeowook [Transcript]

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Compilation: 130130 Siwon at Twosome Coffee Event and Sukira Open Concert with Sungmin & Ryeowook

Ryeowook: Ever since we met last year in December, we are now meeting here again after 40 days. Everyone became a lot prettier~haha!
Sungmin: That’s right~Ryeowook really became a lot prettier ^^

Source: 小薇

Ryeowook praised the guest and called him a “Mother’s-Friend’s-Son” (a term to describe someone who is very outstanding)
Ryeowook: We also have a “Mother’s-Friend’s-Son” in Super Junior!!
Sungmin: It’s me, right?
Ryeowook: ……..-___- Siwon, it’s Siwon! But our guest has an advantage over Siwon.
Sungmin: Oh? What is it?
Ryeowook: His age, he’s younger than Siwon by 6 years! (starts saying how he envies the guest’s young age….)


Sungmin: Ryeowook, what do the two of us have in common?
Ryeowook: Everyone, what do we think we have in common?
Fans: Both are good-looking…both are male….
Some random fan: (shouts) BOTH ARE SHORT!
Sungmin: What do you mean by both are short! WHO SAID THAT!!!


Fan#1 who answered the question correctly and went up on stage is a listener who always leaves messages on their Kong message board….
Ryeowook: (after hearing her intro) I know your name!
Fan#2: (introduces herself)
Ryeowook: You don’t leave messages on Kong right, that’s why I don’t remember your name!
Fan#2: But I came for last month’s open concert too ~_~
Ryeowook: Oh no wonder I think I recognise your face!


Ryeowook: In this cold weather, what is the reason that enables us to stay outside yet not feel cold? It’s because of the person together with you…
Sungmin: ……………….
Ryeowook: There’s Sungmin by my side, and Sungmin has me Ryeowook by his side!
Sungmin: Why are you suddenly like this, so mushy!


Sungmin: Ryeowook, have you ever secretly liked someone before?
Ryeowook: Hmm~maybe~
Audience: (makes a lot of noise)
Ryeowook: Yes I did. Maybe I am too currently~
Fan: Who?
Ryowook: Are you asking me who I secretly like? Ehh,…
Fan: Is it me? (LOL)
Ryeowook: ….Yes, it’s you, haha…..
Sungmin: Aiyo, I can’t stand listening to this by the side!


Ryeowook: I won’t have a lot of feelings towards words like “I miss you”, but as for “I love you”…
All the fans: OPPA I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU!!!!
Ryeowook: Haha, me too~
Sungmin: What happened to him today, he is so weird~
Guest: Because it’s open studio, so he wants to show the good side of him.

Source: Gami

Translated by: 미니 (minniestarrr)
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by jazzzyjam


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  1. I bet Wookie secretly likes Sungmin ;DDDDD
    Sorry i ship MinWook hard

  2. Ahh cute Wookie *_*
    MInwook is shipping themselves so hard nowadays XD

  3. Aigooo netizen fans can be so rude sometime,, SHORT!? WHATT!?? lol:D

  4. Some random fan: (shouts) BOTH ARE SHORT!
    Sungmin: What do you mean by both are short! WHO SAID THAT!!!

    hahahahaha XD but for me they’re all tall because I am 154 cm ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  5. thanks for the transcript

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