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  1. that’s very nice

  2. u a luckiest fan ……..i want to go there too

  3. Sorry, I love Siwon, but I can’t stand him saying that my BIAS EUNHYUK is ugly -_- Seriously, I read this fanaccount with a smile and then I read that sentence…. smile gone -_-
    Even if it’s just for fun… it’s not funny Siwon Oppa!!!

    • chillex…its just a joke between member… why so sensitive

    • Eunhuyk makes jokes like this all the time about himself and even often seem to encourage others to do it, so HE obviously thinks it’s amusing. If you don’t like how members are close enough to be able to poke fun at each others playfully, at least accept Eunhuyk’s sense of humor.

  4. Aaaaa~ how lucky ╥﹏╥

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