Donghae at Incheon Airport (to Wuhan) [Fan Account] – From 130125

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Compilation: 130125~28 Super Junior-M in Wuhan

Donghae met his halbae(Park Geunhyung from panda and hedgehog) at a cafe at Incheon Airport..halbae seemed to be going for a vacation…when he saw Donghae, he called him over and Donghae was even aegyo-ing to him. After that, halbae gave donghae a big hug and the rest of the members also came to greet him. At the end, when Teacher Park Geunhyung had to board the plane, Donghae happily said “I will give you a call!’

Source: _李CiCy_
Translated by: 유진♡@teukables
Shared at by firnia



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  1. Can imagine Donghae saying, halbae, I Love You! hehehe just like in the drama. Cuteee!

  2. OMG! He really loves Park Geunhyung. Donghae seems to be desperate for love from everybody. It’s good for him that SJ has so many members. More love from more people. And the members really do love Donghae. I think he would really have a problem if not for Suju support and love.

    • yeaah!! totally agree with you^^ hae really needs much love 😀
      ooh i can totally imagine he is aegyo-ing to his ‘halbae’

  3. awwwww~ Donghae… you are so cute ❤

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