130129 Sukira (KTR) with Sungmin and Ryeowook [Transcripts]

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130129 Sukira (KTR) with Sungmin and Ryeowook [Cuts]

Min: The guests said they didn’t know whether Ryeowook-ssi was here or not because I did DJ-ing well while you were not here. *laughs*
Wook: I’ve listened to this program while I was outside the country…
Min: I did DJ-ing well didnt I?
Wook: Yes *laughs*

Min: There were many listeners who said they wanted to see Ryeowook DJ while Ryeowook-ssi wasn’t here~
Wook: I heard Sungmin-ssi also said he wanted to see me!
Min: Eh? Who said? Who?
Wook: You said it didn’t you!!
Min: Did I? To you? I didn’t~!! *laughs*

Wook: I’ve realized something after we left Sukira for a while. Every time it’s 10PM it will remind me about Sukira, and I wanted to see everyone, scriptwriter noona and PD, even Sungmin-ssi too.
Min: Who did you want to see the most?
Wook: Ummm Sungmin-ssi?
Min: Except me! We were together (During SJM schedules) right?
Min: I wanted to see Ho-scriptwriter. She kept on sending mail to me ^^; I want to thank her.
Min: Well the person you wanted to see the most is Ho-scriptwriter, ok *laughs*
Wook: Kyuhyun-ssi said to me that I was strange!! (About how Ryeowook missed Sukira so much)
Min: I think he might say the same thing to me too *laughs*


Guest: you guys have too good relationship, that you don’t mind each other farting.^^;
Wook: i didn’t like it at first~ because we’re human too^^;
Min: I have only one thing to ask from our members, “please, only on stage, please don’t fart!” ww


Min: A listener wrote on the board ‘Do you go to the toilet without any troubles?’ I went to the toilet and I went outside after washing my hands. There were many worldwide fans~ I was a bit late on going back to the studio because I gave my autographs to them~^^

Japanese Translation by: @miyahee09
English Translation by: Harru & Krizel (@kyuminupdates)

Ryeowook: There will be Sukira Front Yard Concert tomorrow! We will have 2 hours to work outside!
Sungmin: Only 2 hours! But seem like tomorrow’s weather will be colder. It will be good if the weather is warmer than today’s.

Wook: Eunhyuk-ssi is the type of person that when someone said ‘let me have a bite’ at something he’s eating, he’ll say ‘just go eat it all’ Min: i’m like that too lately. *laughs* because he/she will eat it anyway, why don’t give all of it to him/her and buy something different and eat that one instead. ^^ Wook: Donghae-ssi is…ah… He’s not listening to the radio, right? *laughs* he always ask me to eat with him. So i usually prepare food for 2 people for that purpose. *laughs* Min: it’s become donghae-ssi’s habit, to say ‘let me have a bite’ *laughs* but oh! by the way, today i had a meal with Siwon-ssi~^^ we drank a bit of wines too….

Japanese Translation by: @rinpachi1031
English Translation by: cherzayn (@kyuminupdates)

Guest: Seem like Sungmin-ssi has been missing Ryeowook-ssi lately.
Sungmin: What are you saying!
Guest: You’re just like that. Searching for Ryeowook name in computer.
Ryeowook: Ah~because I always do so.

Sungmin: I had a meal with Siwon today. We had a glass of wine and chatted merrily.

Japanese Translation by: @saran0811
English Translation by: @zayncher

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  1. looked like some1 got embrassed to admit missing wookie boy o. ; p

  2. LOL XD I love it when they talk about the members ^^ I really love and envy SJ’s friendship ❤

  3. wha.. donghae has a same habbit with me.. let me have a bite…lol

  4. Aww, Minwook. They are so close together, Sungmin really missed Wookie <33 Yes, they talk about the members. lol at Donghae, I always asked for the food too even from someone I'm not close to XD

  5. when i want something someone else is eating, either i ask very quietly if i could have some or just sit/stand there kinda looking at them eat until they hand me a piece “generously” xD

  6. Minnie misses his Wookie ? ^^
    and i love HaeWook too ! Donghae is like a little kid and Ryeowook is so nice cooking for 2 ! lol it’s almost like if they were dating kekeke

  7. Min searched Wookie’s name on computer? lol Min you missed him..

  8. ming missed wookie didn’t he?he must felt lonely dj-ing SUKIRA alone:)

  9. thanks for the transcript

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