130128 Sukira (KTR) with Sungmin and Ryeowook [Transcript] Sungmin “Kyu & i were roommates.he always play games next to me”

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Min: i don’t know about men, but for women, i think a lot of them don’t like dining alone. I’m actually that type of person too.^^; Even though i usually eat very fast, but when i eat with someone, i’ll eat slowly and become considerate to the other person… I think this kind of consideration is important.^^

Min: Kyu & i were roommates.he always play games next to me, whether i’m sleeping or not. But the noises he makes never wake me up even once

Min: Our dorm is amazing. *laughs* even though we get off work very late at night, there’re still thoughts like “we haven’t play enough yet..”, so we don’t go to sleep, but gather to play games. *laughs* games like gamble or soccer games… And on the day we did soccer games, my dream was me playing soccer. *laughs* even though, i usually don’t play soccer, but i still dreamt about it.^^;
Guest: at that time, do you wake up in the middle of it?
Min: i’m just not that type of person! It’s different now, but before, Kyuhyun and i were roommates. And he always play games next to me, and make voice reaction to it, regardless of whether i’m sleeping or not! He’s always playing starcraft. But whatever noises he makes, it never wake me up even once and i sleep soundly. *laughs*

Japanese Translated by: Rin (rinpachi1031)
English Translated by: Natz at (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ‏ (kyuminupdates)

Sungmin: I’m DJing for the first time in days. Why isn’t there Ryeowook-ssi? So today I’ll be alone again. But finally Ryeowook-ssi will be back tomorrow.

Sungmin: Girls don’t like eating alone, and I’m also that type. I feel like the food doesn’t taste good anymore when I eat alone, even don’t want to eat my favorite ones.

Sungmin: I’m not interested in clothes. I don’t buy them.
Guest: You don’t want to dress cool? But you have such a good looking face. Please take care of it well!

Japanese Translated by: sara (saran0811)
English Translated by: Cheryl (zayncher)

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  1. thanks for the transcript

  2. Were? As in past tense? So one of them moved out of the room? o.O

    • ya min to yesung room, cause yesung move to his house if im not wrong hehe

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