130128 MORE Magazine Featuring Super Junior KRY Interviews [Translation]

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MORE magazine March Issue – Kyuhyun Interview (1) – Fashion and Neck Pillow

Question: Your neck pillow represents your emphasis on comfort?

Because he has to travel to so many places around the world to perform, being able to wear comfortable clothing is very important to him.

“Normally, I prefer simple clothing and don’t wear too many accessories.”

Especially when he’s on the plane, having a neck pillow is a “must”. During the interview, he playfully put his neck pillow around a staff member’s neck. He likes using neck pillows with a theme of Japanese manga characters.

“Fans give me many neck pillows. At this point, I have about 50 odd. This one feels the softest to the touch. It’s my favourite.”


MORE magazine March Issue – Kyuhyun Interview (2) – The Gameful One

Topic: How his nickname is related to his hobby

During the photoshoot, whenever the Japanese photographer asked him to smile, Kyuhyun would say, “Miso Ramen”.

He basically translated the word you say when smiling for the camera, ‘cheese’, from Korean (kimchi) to Japanese (miso).

[Note from translator scarkyu: I’m not too sure about this part, but the point was, the interviewer found him witty.]

His playfulness ran through the entire interview too. He kept asking with enthusiasm written all over his face, “What will the next question be?” During our conversation, he came across as someone who enjoyed playing/joking around.

“Actually, my nickname is ‘Game Gyu’. I love playing video games. Basically, I am good at all games.”


MORE Magazine March Issue – Kyuhyun Interview (3) – Connecting with foreign fans

Question: What is the one thing you cannot do without when performing overseas?

Last year, during the Super Show 4 World Tour, they went to many cities including Osaka, Tokyo, Shanghai, Paris and Jakarta etc.

‘I wanted to make our international fans happier. before every performance, I’d ask the staff from that city to teach me a few local phrases. For example, in Osaka, I learned なんでやねん (Osaka dialect meaning ‘What?’) and ほんま好きやねん (Osaka dialect meaning ‘I really like it’).

Recently, the phrase I’m trying to memorize is うるさい、默つてて! (You annoying person, shut up!)

I want to use it when I’m MCing during the show.

Translated from Japanese to Chinese: 幸福_kellyrika_suju at weibo
Translated from Chinese to English: scarkyu

Red,gold and pink….. Fashionista Yesung entertains fans changing his hair color daringly. He was reading fashion pages in MORE during a break.
Yeye:I love fashion. My father once had his own brand and I might have got influenced by him a lot. But I don’t have “staple taste”. I enjoy many kinds of styles by my feeling. If I had to say, I don’t like fashion which looks too striking and only follows the latest fashion.

If you had a chance to produce ladies fashon, how would u produce?
Yeye: I,myself, like original style things, as a reaction against it, I want women to be calm. The hair should be dark blown or black and light make-up even without eyeline. How about a style with those hair and make-up with white blouse and reminding nostalgia?

Yesung. His name means “art of voice”. He leads SJ as a lead vocal, and one of favorite things is watching movies.
Yeye: I often watch Japanese movies too, and especially I really like “Ima aini yukimasu” the best. I had been researching about the location and I finally visited there last year!! I was really happy seeing the sunflower field and cave which were in the movie. I would like to have another chance visiting there with more time.

Yesung answered almost all the questions without hesitation, but the only question he had difficulty to answer was unexpectedly about his charming point.
Yeye:Speaking of KRY members, Kyuhyun is always a good mood maker, so I never get bored being with him. Ryewook is very kind. And masculinity Ryewook sometimes shows is cute to me. (YEWOOK!!oops sorry..)
But when I’m asked about my charming point.. I don’t know how to answer. I feel like ” is this my charming point? Mm no. This one as well?” I always ask myself. Maybe this is a hard question to answer up to me. We sing mostly ballad songs, so we can show different appealing point to SJ which has dance group my fans as well. Haha.

Yeye: SJ has many members, but when we are abroad, sometimes KRY gather naturally as three. When those times, Ryeowook notices it suddenly and says “now, we are K.R.Y.” K.R.Y. is a very precious unit gro

Translated by @FORWOON

Shared at by salimahsj

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  1. masculinity Ryewook sometimes shows is cute to me. (YEWOOK!!oops sorry..) hahaha… you entertained me.
    ..when we are abroad, sometimes KRY gather naturally as three. When those times, Ryeowook notices it suddenly and says “now, we are K.R.Y.”
    yes, in SS4 KRY together really often, especially on talk-time.

  2. Ahh Yeye, forever claiming his cute Wook <33

    I guess Wookie and Yeye really enjoy being in KRY together esp Yeye;D
    I hope SM will consider to give them more activities though

  3. what about Ryeowook’s interview ?

  4. wuah 50 neck pillow? ah maybe i cant give you those kyu but my heart haha

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