130127 The Challenger Recording with Super Junior-M [28P]

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 Compilation: 130125~28 Super Junior-M in Wuhan & Guangzhou

All Images, Reupload and Posted by: jazzzyjam (http://www.sup3rjunior.com)
Please credit ‘SUP3RJUNIOR.COM’ as well. Thank you.

Credit: XiaoYu

 photo XiaoYu_zps19c1d224.jpg

Credit: M3H-OPTY敏赫海賢友情站 

 photo M3H-OPTY654F8D6B6D778CE253CB60C57AD92_zps0ee7934f.jpg

 photo M3H-OPTY_zpse84bd7bb.jpg

 photo M3H-OPTY654F8D6B6D778CE253CB60C57AD9_zps41370b53.jpg

 photo M3H-OPTY654F8D6B6D778CE253CB60C57AD91_zps0f0a0235.jpg

 photo 917q_zpsefd891e1.jpg

 photo 8ts5_zps79612025.jpg

Credit: aakyu8823

 photo aakyu8823_zps76b3e3be.jpg

Credit: Can小妞

 photo Can5C0F599E_zps0a802a07.jpg

Credit: Diary021

 photo Diary021_zpsb5affa7e.jpg

Credit: HaeCICI

 photo HaeCICI_zps27fd869a.jpg

Credit: Kim_西西

 photo 69ca63cdgw1e18q31ad9xj_zpsdb344f13.jpg
 photo 69ca63cdgw1e18qhega92j_zpsa2e0b249.jpg
 photo 69ca63cdgw1e18qryl3szj_zps68d49350.jpg
 photo 69ca63cdjw1e18hlaf2c0j_zpsea2db024.jpg
 photo 69ca63cdjw1e18ihpsf8jj_zps4edbfd8c.jpg
 photo 69ca63cdjw1e18im2rpf0j_zpsc033cd68.jpg

 photo kim_zps9a00403a.jpg
 photo kim3_zpsad5bf6ef.jpg
 photo kim2_zpsb018ccfe.jpg
 photo kim1_zps557a36ae.jpg

Credit: Narcissu_豪

 photo Narcissu_zps6c106415.jpg

Credit: YEAH天才

 photo YEAH5929624D_zpsab580106.jpg

Credit: xixi

 photo xixi_zps35976c15.jpg

Credit: Cmj丷Music1nfinite

 photo Cmj4E37Music1nfinite2_zps9c443b78.jpg
 photo Cmj4E37Music1nfinite_zps0708c2d4.jpg


 photo CHIJINSHAN_zpse826bb65.jpg

Credit: kstarsport

 photo scarkyu_zps7644d7d4.jpg


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  1. KyuWook

  2. annyeong all m, all the best for the following schedules & take good care of yrselves u all. : D

  3. 2nd picture from the last: Donghae turned into a girl?!? 😄

  4. Won-Kyu-Eun-Hae’expressions in 6th picture! LOL! ^o^

  5. i like donghae’s attire 😀

  6. awh kyuwook >.<

  7. KYUWOOK!!! <333

  8. Actually I thought WOOKIE~~~!!!! -When I looked at 8 pic
    ..But then it suddenly turned in KyuWook~
    Dream Team! hehehe

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