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JUST how rich is Siwon, the most popular heart-throb of top K-pop boy band Super Junior?

Fellow member Shindong doesn’t know, but is itching to find out.

In fact, if he had to pick one Super Junior member to interview on Idol Fun Club 2, where he plays host along with Tak Jae Hoon, Jang Dong Min and Yoo Sang Moo, it’d be Siwon.

This revelation came in an interview with The New Paper last Thursday at the CJ Entertainment & Media Centre, where he records the popular music talk show.

Shindong, 27, has been juggling both his hosting and singing career for seven years.

After winning the SM Best Youth Contest in 2005 and signing up with SM Entertainment, he initially stood out among the hunky boys of Super Junior for his weight – which was rumoured to be around 106kg – and his decidedly non-idol looks.

He’s one of four lead dancers and rappers of the nine-man supergroup and is known for his comedic style.

In 2008, he decided to go on a diet, reportedly losing around 19kg.

He has since maintained roughly the same figure. When he weighed himself on an episode of Idol Fun Club 2 last April, he was around 92kg.

Shindong joined Idol Fun Club in March last year for the show’s second season.

The music talk show airs every Monday at 7pm and 10pm on channel M (SingTel mio TV Ch 518 and StarHub Ch 824 and 874).

The hosts dress up as legendary British band The Beatles – with Shindong supposedly portraying Paul McCartney – and interview a panel of celebrity guests.

The show has been making headlines in South Korea for the many intimate revelations from K-pop idols.

For our interview with Shindong, we were only allowed to ask questions from an approved list, and in a pre-determined order.

Despite this, the tubby entertainer with the big personality did not disappoint, giving detailed and sometimes humorous responses to seemingly innocuous questions.

When asked through an interpreter which of his Super Junior mates he would like to interview, and what question would he ask, Shindong chose Siwon.

“There was an episode where some Super Junior members were there, but among those not present that day was Siwon, and I’ve always been really curious about finding out how much money and assets his family has,” he said with a laugh.

Siwon’s family background has always been the centre of media attention.

Up till 2010, it was only known that the 25-year-old came from a wealthy family and his father was the president of a trading company.

In January 2011, South Korean entertainment portal EDAILY SPN conducted an investigation into Boryung Pharmaceutical Group’s newly-appointed Chief Executive Officer Choi Ki Ho, and found out that Choi is Siwon’s father.

Shindong’s questions for Siwon do not end there.

He added: “I wonder how much money he spends in a day, and what is the most expensive item he owns. I’m generally very curious about his finances, and I’m sure viewers are interested to know as well.”

Shindong’s acumen for what Idol Fun Club viewers yearn to know stems from his experience in hosting television and radio shows.

And like any good journalist, he knows the importance of getting exclusive content from his interviewees.

“It’s important that our guests share a story they haven’t talked about on other shows. So, as the hosts, we need to monitor other variety shows the guests have been on, and that is quite challenging,” he said.

In a separate interview, Idol Fun Club’s production director Yoon Il Han told The New Paper that guests are told beforehand to share their personal stories on the show, like past relationships or first kisses.

He added: “Some of them may not be willing to share, but it is up to the hosts to convince the guests, because they ask questions fans have always wondered about.”

Shindong acknowledges this is a tall order, but he and his co-hosts have found a way around it.

“When they come on the show for the first time, we make fun of them, hoping it will help them relax before we start asking personal questions,” he said. “But some guests are extremely shocked, asking how they can be treated like this on a television show.”

At ease on air

“But not all of the jokes are aired, and sometimes (Jang and Yoo) will make fun of themselves to put the guests at ease. In return, if the guests open up half as much as the hosts, they’re already revealing a lot about themselves.”

However, the tables were turned on Shindong in September last year.

Recounting the incident with amusement, he said girl group Rainbow was being asked personal questions by Tak but were avoiding them.

“So Tak angrily asked why they weren’t answering the questions. They shot back and said: ‘Why don’t you ask the other guests’. Tak then got upset and stormed off,” he recalled.

Feeling at a complete loss, Shindong said he was desperately trying to think of a way to save the show, when Tak came back holding a birthday cake.

“It was a birthday surprise for me, but I broke into tears instead, because I was the only one figuring out what to do in that situation. I will never forget this incident.”

Source: AsiaOne | By: Mervin Tay
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  1. Shindong is a genius! XDDDDDDDDDDDD

  2. shindong si’s really funny and quick thinker.

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