130126 MORE Magazine Featuring Super Junior KRY News

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Yesung appeared with pink hair and glasses! Kyuhyun was leaning against the wall, Ryeowook was lying on a sofa looking at the camera! So cool!

In the interview, we asked KRY “what they love”. Kyuhyun revealed about secret(?) of neck pillow which he was curious about. He was a good mood maker through the shooting and there are some cute episodes about him as well!

The staffs were impressed how much Ryeowook cared about people during the interview! The detail is in the magazine! He wrote his signature in Katakana(Japanese letters) on the gift polaroids! So impressing!

The glasses Yesung is wearing in the magazine are his own glasses! We asked him a question like”if you would produce ladies fashion?” He talked about the impressing phrase in Promise You, “Aishiteru( love you)” as well! ELF must read it~^^

Source: MORE/モア (MORE_magazine)
Translated by: 종운을 위해 (FORWOON)
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by firnia


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  1. can someone translate it please ?! *puppy eyes*

  2. good luck & more 2 come

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