130126 Hubei Radio Music Cool Bar Interview with Super Junior-M [Transcript]

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 Compilation: 130125~28 Super Junior-M in Wuhan & Guangzhou

The details of Hyuk’s eyes and why Kyuhyun was mentioned.
The MC asks why his eyes never show on album covers. Hyuk answers that it’s because his eyes are too powerful.
Hyuk also says he likes Kyu’s look on this album th most, not Kyu himself, just his style LOL.

MC: What is SJM’s style?
Zhoumi: Every album has a different style. There are fast and slow songs in Break Down. Each member has his own distinct style.

MC: Which song in the album do u like the most?
Henry: Zhoumi’s solo. It’s very relaxing.
Zhoumi: I prefer the song that Henry wrote (you can hear the boys laughing in the back)
Siwon: I missed it. Something about him being able to connect with it.
Donghae: I missed that one too lol
Eunhyuk: Break Down instrumental.

EH was worried that members might not be able to master the complex choreography of Break Down.

Sungmin likes a lot of songs on the album including Break Down and Henry’s composition (GO); the latter because it expresses the emotions of each member.
Henry: GO is about liking a girl but not having the courage to go for her, so the song tells you to let go of everything and just GO!

They’re talking about Hyuk’s mesmerizing eyes and hair. Eunhyuk mentioned Kyuhyun-ssi but can’t understand what they’re saying. Siwon joined in too and said he liked Kyuhyun’s hair? Then, siwon said he liked Ryeowook’s hair.

Siwon: I like Jay Chou’s 星晴

They’re just all laughing in the background.

Omg Hyuk’s trying to say something about Sungmin but nobody knows what he’s saying so he switches to Korean now. Then laughing.

They’re talking about their feelings towards other members. Henry’s feelings towards Zhoumi: He’s tall. Siwon says Donghae is handsome. Zhoumi says Siwon is rich. So altogether, they form ‘tall, rich, handsome’ >>> Siwon’s nickname in Chinese LOL. Siwon adds, Donghae is very warm and gentle. Donghae says Eunhyuk is not handsome, MC says he’s only joking, then Hae adds, but he’s very charismatic. Hae continues, the first time he saw Hyuk, he didn’t think much of him but the more he looks at him, the more he finds that he has character. Someone says Ryeowook likes Eunhyuk the most. Siwon says Ryeowook is the pickiest person.

Eunhyuk: If Sungmin goes to bed late, he has trouble acting normal during the day. He’s a lamb normally but without sleep, he’s a wolf.

MC mentions Stand Up and that it’s about brotherly love, asks how do they normally bond?
SJM: When one goes to the bathroom, the others wait outside.
Henry: We bathe together

Sungmin: I’m very happy to come to Wuhan. It’s great meeting the fans here and I hope that there will be more chances to do this.

Donghae spoke in Chinese and wished everyone a Happy New Year.

Siwon was amazing! In Chinese, he wished everyone a happy new year, good health and lots of beauty and happiness!

Translated by: 
Scar (scarkyu)

When Henry writes songs, he usually writes it in English then translate it into Chinese ;o;

Zhou Mi hopes that in the next album, he’ll be able to write songs with the other members too :3

ZhouMi asked Guangliang to write a song for M. After Mi sent the song to the company, SM said it’s more suitable for his solo.

Hyuk thought the MC said his concept photo was the best so he clapped lmfao

They talked about how hyuk cant show his eyes anymore ever since 5jib

MC: Hyuk said he likes Kyu’s style more. Kyu’s style. Not Kyu.

Mi: When one member goes to the toilet in the airport, then 7 of us will wait for him outside.

At first Hae used “Not handsome” to describe Hyuk. Then he ended up with the words “Charismatic”.

After 10PM, Sungmin would get upset so the MC said, “After 10, Sungmin must go to sleep.”

MC: Sungmin is the leader who doesn’t understand.

They’re talking about Reply 1997 and SJM all watches that drama. Hyuk’s a H.O.T fan xD

Hyuk said sth like “will visit you in your dreams”

Henry said recently his back hurts :c And he said when you walk, you have to walk straight so your back wouldn’t hurt anymore.

Someone asked MC who’s her fav. member. MC said she can’t pick bc after knowing SJM, all of them have their own charms.

Credit: 小不点是个小呆子 (donghaessi)
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  1. I like the fact that sungmin is a lamb but without sleep he is a wolf lol……

  2. LOL Wolf Sungmin

  3. SungMin like a baby, cranky when deprived of sleep

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  5. sounded a lot of fun, good day u all : D

  6. kyuhyun’s not there?

  7. I love the fact that even if Kyu and Wook weren’t there, they were mentioned a few times. ❤

  8. thanks for the transcript

  9. hehehe……cranky Sungmin xD

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