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  1. seemed like a wonderful show

  2. so yesung just said that “We debuted in 2006 and finally we have a single in 2013.” so he was waiting for it from their debut but SM never gave until avex who gave this single=-= i hate SM forever srsly:< they even make album for TTS,but not for KRY who had debuted from a long time ago!

    • Yes, they waiting for LOOOONG time, about 7 YEARS!! How waste time, urgh!
      And now Yesung will enlist on army 😦

  3. omona~~my baby yesung… tears are falling on my cheek just hearing the story~

  4. wow even ye parents are there to support their concert!!!

  5. Super Junior’s ballad unit is composed of members Kyuhyun, Ryeowook and Yesung. The group recently held a series of successful concerts in Japan prior to the single album’s release.

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