130125 Super Junior-M at Wuhan Airport [Fan Account]

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Compilation: 130125~28 Super Junior-M in Wuhan

The situation today is really bad and oppars all didn’t look very happy. Sungmin looked scared and Hyukjae was squeezed really badly but no matter how badly he was being squeezed, he still placed a hand on Donghae’s back to ensure his safety. He made sure that Donghae didn’t get lost TTTT

Although they were being squeezed, Donghae was still smiling a bit and waving at fans, trying to tell them to be careful. Although Sungmin was scared, he had a fan in his embrace and protected her from being pushed to the ground.

Credit: Neptune_笑笑

Sungmin, Hyukjae and Donghae almost fell.

Credit: 我是萌妹我自豪

Translated by: @hyorkjae

Fanaccount] At Wuhan airport – Kyuhyun was in a good mood today…kept waving from inside the car. He was inside the car for a while before it drove off. The fans sang happy birthday to him. At one point, someone banged on the window but overall, things were orderly.

Credit: 曺姗姗

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  1. This reminds me of Donghae’s accident back in 2008ish in China.

    • what accident???

  2. annyeong all m & all the best

  3. Aww sungmin is so sweet ❤

  4. oh my… at the airport?

  5. what’s going on? is it too many fans come?

    • too many fans. and most likely not enough security.

  6. Sungmin is claustrophobic and that situation is no good on his anemia….

  7. No security at the Wuhan airport? Where was Siwon?

  8. omoo kind ming, and fortune elf!! are there no security??

  9. someone posted a video of it up somewhere and the poor boys were being pushed and shoved by the fans!! 😦 a few of them did almost fall.
    why was there not enough security? they should of put up a barricade or something. but the fans were horrible. i’m sorry, but i know they are excited to see suju but no need to push and shove them. give them some space.

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