130125 Sungdong Cafe with Heechul [Transcript]

January 25, 2013 at 5:41 am | Posted in Heechul, RadioShow Updates, Wonderboys | 10 Comments

Heenim congratulated Sunye for her wedding (:

Heenim brought his pillow from home with an anime character printed on it and said that this is the first time he is introducing his girlfriend in a broadcast.

Heenim said that he likes girls who uses dialect. When he watches movie with Busan accent, with Donghae, they will imitate the accent.

Heenim said that the company called him some time ago to ask him to do a book regarding his life in the army. But he declined cos he thinks that there’s nothing for him to write about and he wants to finish his military service quietly. The book still came out eventually.

I didn’t hear clearly, but I think he said something like he’s not getting any money for the book so he asked fans not to buy it. Not sure~

Heenim said that he looks like a pervert cos he kept touching the pillow. But he doesn’t mind being a pervert. LOL.

Heenim dancing to Wonder Girls’ So Hot!

Heenim said he discussed with the company about what he can do after his discharge from military. What he wants to do most is to have a comeback for his game. He will work hard in playing games.

Heenim: Heebum always snatches my pillow GF. Heebum hugs it to sleep. So I will hug Heebum and the pillow together.

Heenim said that he’s not getting money for the book that’s published (the one that’s about his army life) so he asked fans not to buy it.

Heenim said that he received invitation for Sunye’s wedding but he’s still considering if he should go cos Hae has overseas schedule and there’ll be many reporters & people at the wedding.

Heenim said he’s very curious how his family, members and Lee Sooman will react if he says that he’s gonna get married with that pillow GF.

Dancing to Be My Baby now

Heenim said “come over here, dude!” to the pig mascot but he saw the pig’s eyelashes and asked “this is a female?! Look at its eyelashes and ribbon.”

Credit: @heequeenTing
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  1. maybe you can go to the wedding with 2woon..i know both of them dont have any schedule,,

  2. I didn’t know Sunye is getting married. Congrats!

    Too bad that Hae will have overseas schedule and cannot attend.

  3. Donghae is not there ? too bad. I hoped Heechul and Donghae both attend to her wedding

  4. thanks for the transcript

  5. heeHae!!! ❤

  6. annyeong heechul si. might be the pillow’s a boy, very possible oh

  7. Why dont you marry us,your fans oppa?we will be very happy..
    Do you guys agree with me?^______^

  8. LOL LOL LOL Heenim still the same xD

  9. i always love your transcripts. 😀 hmmm, does anyone know who is the anime character in heenim’s pillow? i want to make a body pillow with heenim’s exact body size.. (ooooops. I sound pervy… sorry.. LMAO)

  10. sunye ssi- congrat for your wedding too 😀

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