Sukira (KTR) with Sungmin [Transcript] – From 130122

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Sukira (KTR) with Sungmin | Part 2 [Cuts]- From 130122

Sungmin said he text messaged Ryeowook but Ryeowook didn’t reply…

Sungmin has experienced studying for the wrong class exam. He said “mental breakdown” is the perfect word to describe the feeling then

Sungmin got an expensive car wash……… And it snowed the next day

Eunhyuk bought Sungmin a meal today.When they went to eat, Sungmin realized he had no wallet and told Hyuk “Hyuk~ i have no wallet!”

Sungmin’s new hobby is driving mini cars.says it brings back memories of childhood.Thinks he’ll be controlling mini helicopters soon

Sungmin rested well today because he had no schedule. All he did today was watch a movie with Hyuk then watch TV.

One day, Min felt that the makeup was done well & was happy about it. Then he went to record…… And had to get in the water. XD

Source: @NKSubs

Min: I said i’m not quite well on yesterday’s sukira, but because i had no schedule today so i get to rest for a long time^^ I get to watch the drama ‘Cheongdamdong Alice’ that i collected but haven’t watch and watch old movies while eat with Eunhyuk-ssi… Well, looking back right now it’s look like all i did was watching TV. *laughs*

Min: It seems like i have a new hobby! *laughs* Just lately, i had received a tiny little car!! (Referring to radio-controlled car) the one that uses remote control to move.^^ and once i’m into it…it’s fun~^o^ eventually, maybe i’ll operate the radio-controlled things that fly in the sky! *laughs*

Min: It’s another tuesday corner without Ryeowook-ssi~ because he’s in Japan for concert.^^
Guest: But he’ll buy back some delicious souvenirs! He always does that.^^
Min: Eh!? I’ve never gotten one…! Maybe because it will make me fat..?!?!

Listener: I was in a mood to get into make up and my skin is in good condition, but suddenly my appointment got cancelled last minute, so i was disappointed. TT
Min: I used to be in the same situation! *laughs* i perfectly put on my make up, was in such a high spirit while i was going to the photoshooting place, but then the rain fell.TT so the concept of the photoshoot on that day was in the middle of water.TT there were also time when you go through all the trouble of putting on make up and then have to wash out and fix all over again too…^^;

Min: today i made Eunhyuk-ssi angry, which rarely happens. *laughs*
Beige: he doesn’t get angry easily?
Min: that’s right~^^; just like his image, he’s not the type of person who gets angry.
Beige: he was never angry at me.
Min: i said to him “today all other members are abroad and there’s only 2 of us, so let’s order in some really nice food. ≧▽≦ but… Oh… There’s no money in my wallet!! So… Eunhyuk~ thanks for the food♥” so he’s mad at me. *laughs*

Listener: I’ve been holding back from dinner for 1 month because i’m dieting, so my weight went down by 2 kilos lalala~ ♫ so i was very happy and i ate the food i was refraining from like boiled pig and pig feets, then the next day my weight went up by 2 kilos. TT
Min: Lately i’m like that too.~ eventhough i’m dieting, but if i stop a bit while i’m not yet slimmer, it will be like… Huh!? ^^;

Source: @rinpachi1031
Translate by: Natz (@kyuminupdates)
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  1. all other members abroad?? I thought onLy KRY go to Japan.. So where’re the others?? *Looking for babyHae* ;p

    • Maybe he means Kyu…because others live upstairs…but yeah, don’t Hae get down to 11th floor to eat too?Since Ryeowook wasn’t there…or maybe he go with Kangin..

  2. thanks for the transcript

  3. way to make hyuk angry is take his food and ask him to pay something XD

    • lol so true XD Well, that’s our Hyukkie ^^

  4. annyeong aegyo king & so glad to u feeling much better. don’t worry la, u & wookie r the most aigoooooo la, no matter…

  5. kekekeke ayeee Oppa Chuu so cute having to go though all these funny situations kkkkkkkk 😀

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