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  1. Kyuhyuuuuun so cute<3
    yesung hyung can't be mad at you, huh? 😀

    • Nope, he will never get mad at him because he promise he wouldn’t.
      Thanks for keeping that promise:).

  2. they’re really cute, oppa I want to see you. I miss U

  3. Lol kry cracks me up. Forgetting their own New Years resolution kekeke. I wanna fancam of the backhug and the martial art…and the japanese character haha please!!

  4. Kyu keeps saying that Wook doesn’t have a girlfriend, then does that mean the Kyu himself now has one 😉 (hehe)

  5. KYA!!! Yesung why didn’t you take off your shirt UWA!~ 😦
    “Actually I watched his cute ass♡” LOLZ XD

    • Ryeowook’s girlfriend!?~ NYA!! AISHITERU OPPA! ❤

  6. lol so Ryeowook belongs to ELF ? i love it kekeke 🙂

  7. Poor Yesungie, no oppa.. Your happiness is our happiness too~
    Aigoooo~ I really jealous with J-ELF..

    I agree with Yesungie, Kyu seems look older, maybe he’s can’t get enough rest, you know, he’s crazy schedule. SJ-M promotion, Radio Star, then Winter Concert, SJ-KRY promotion.
    I hope he’ll take care his health..

    • ya he only 1 year older than me but i feel like hes kinda mature for me hehe

  8. lol yesung x”DD

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