130123 Kyuhyun chooses Seohyun as the member that’s closest to his ideal type in Girls’ Generation

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Kyuhyun explained why Seohyun was the closest to his ideal type out of the Girls’ Generationmembers on ‘Radio Star‘.

On the show, the MCs asked the ladies of Girls’ Generation how long has it been since they debuted and the ladies answered about 5 or 6 years. The MC’s then asked, “Since it’s been about 5-6 years since Girls’ Generation debuted. By now, don’t you know how to date without getting caught?” Hyoyeonthen quickly quipped, “We want to learn how from Kyuhyun oppa“. This caused Kyuhyun to get embarrassed and say, “Up until now, I have never dated.” The MC’s then asked the girls, “Since all the girls have gathered here, which member dated Kyuhyun?“. Jessica immediately pointed to Seohyun, and Hyoyeon said, “Did Kyuhyun make up the rumors?“.

The girls teased Kyuhyun saying, “You like Seohyun, don’t you?” MC Yoon Jong Shin also shared the story, “One time I got Kyuhyun drunk and asked him who his ideal type was and he slurred ‘Ah Seohyun…’“. Kyuhyun got more embarrassed and blurted, “Don’t say such baseless things!

The other members also brought up the scandal of their skinship stating, “They even did skinship!” and “If it’s Kyuhyun, we can hand Seohyun over“. They were referring back to the skinship betwen Seohyun and Kyuhyun at SMTOWN in NYC at Madison Square Garden back in late 2011.

The ‘skinship’ happened on stage, and Seohyun explained, “Kyuhyun is just a close oppa“. Kyuhyun also clarified, “All the Girls’ Generation members are my dongsaengs, and I’ve never seen them as women. I’m told every time to pick one since we’re in the same company. Out of them, I just chose Seohyun as the one closest to my ideal type.

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  1. “All the Girls’ Generation members are my dongsaengs, and I’ve never seen them as women.” LOL, Kyu, I’m sure after the enlistment you will “look at girl bands differently”, especially at your dongsaengs. xD

    • I agree with u definetly all Guys of SJ will think about Girl bands after enlistment.

    • Really? Why?

    • come on have more respect for men! they are not dogs

      • ^^ Chill, we’re kidding. And it’s not like Kangin didn’t say anything similar to this before… 🙂

      • Cool just kidding don’t be serious

  2. annyeong & sounds like a fun show ; )

  3. i’m elf and like snsd too.

  4. SEOKYU ~ JJANG <3<3<3<3<3<3

  5. eung….

  6. Kyuuuuu~

  7. SeoKyu!!! Hehe but I do think he really just thinks of her as a sister 😉

  8. “Up until now I never dated”. Is that a slip of admission that you are dating now baby? If that’s the case, sorry girls, but I would say it’s about time and I am very happy for you:)) Good luck baby and I hope you’ll be happy.

    • I won’t ever date or get married. I am almost 16 and still think this way. I hope Kyu can do the same
      .A girl can dream

      • i’m 18 and i think like you, but not about kyu i really want him to get married so we can see his kids ❤

    • LOL I actually believe he’s lying about that. He talked about kissing a girl in high school and on Foresight, he said that he had a relationship which lasted 3 years. So how come he has never dated? He never dated his gf? Oh Kyu! xD

      • he’s referring after his debut…

  9. one of K-elf said that kyu dating victoria right now

    • i believe so too.so many videos of hint n even in the I Am poster,they were put together.

    • Yes..i heard kyutoria is true

    • K-Cassies are saying the same thing with Changtoria !

    • yes. they always say they are best friend, but never said “nothing more than friend”, like what kyuhyun said about snsd.
      And i really ship them – KyuQian

      • lol~ nowadays, easy to make a statement or said like that, but where is the proof that k~elf said like that? i have read at the nb k~netizen also said seohyun and kyuhyun are dating and they said super junior fan(k~elf) know about this . lol~

  10. Nani? i never saw any skinship and i have the I AM movie, was it the last performance, “hope?” maybe they didn’t show it on camera….well IF he IS dating Victoria, i wish the up most best for him and ever ELF should (even his fans)

    • Though…i am a little sad that Taeyeon and Eeteuk oppa are dating or as i heard of…idk if something happened or anything due to his enlistment but i not angry just sad…but i still wove him :”) (he my top bias)

      • I don’t think they are. I think there is some hate with eachother…

    • its not the movie dear,they sang duet many times at smtown concerts.go youtube n search.so many

      • oh i thought it was the movie, since they mentioned “They were referring back to the skinship betwen Seohyun and Kyuhyun at SMTOWN in NYC at Madison Square Garden back in late 2011”

        • Dont worry, Teukie oppa is NOT in any relationship with taeyeon.

    • I’m agree with you, Kyu is the one who in relationship. We, ELFs, just hope what the best for him. At least he’s happy right.
      He’s human too, needs dating, needs gf. And someday have to married. ^^

      • yes at least he’s happy! i will be happy for any members that date 🙂 even my bias!

  11. this is scandalous

  12. Aigoo i was speaking irelivantly! (sp?) even if they weren’t dating…as a fangirl in my mind eeteuk oppa is mine…*pouts*
    *mudders* though i wish i was eeteuk oppa’s girlfriend…

  13. “All the Girls’ Generation members are my dongsaengs, and I’ve never seen them as WOMEN.” uggh kyu, why say that right in front of their faces! you might regret it someday kekeke anyway i’m happy that he admits that seo baby is close to his ideal type… at least we got an idea what kind of girl he likes 🙂

  14. I just wish the best for him… =)

  15. seokyu ^^
    love them

  16. Did Kyu say that “not seeing them as women” thing to their faces, lol?

  17. Next thing to admit is that he is still a virgin ^_^

    • of course not, he lost it a long time ago to Sungmin hehehehehehehehe

      • Ah, a Kyumin shipper’s fantasy~ Haha~ XD

      • Most probably to Siwon actually haha. Or his forever type, Donghae XD

        • hahaha

        • Wonkyu <33333333333

  18. definitely not !

  19. i don’t know what happend in me but, i didn’t like this. omg.

    • LOL Nothing hapenned, I just dont like this either.

      • Hahaha agreed

  20. muahaha after read the article am enjoying the comments such a fan 😀

  21. Don’t forget about all the witheunhae.com updates
    I really wanna see the pictures kus my school blocked the proxy i was using 😥
    It was kinda weird how he said “I don’t see them as women.” but they ARE really young and he’s seems like a honest person, at least he’s not lying to our faces ^^

    • I’m sure once they get older, he will find them more mature 🙂 to be honest i kind of agree with him though.

  22. i don’t like seohyun thing victoria is much better the are so cute togethet

    • agree with u 🙂

    • Same here, i totally agree, It really is much cuter with victoria unnie XD

  23. the most possible is to chang min

  24. Well,…I ship them..

  25. Oh, please. Kyuhyun was like women who are older than him and Kyuhyun likes Chinese girl

    • Victoria *\(´▽`)/* (I hope) LOL!!
      Victoria great in cooks, and Kyu love eating! XD

      • Exactly! Like OMG, Victoria looks so good with Kyu oppa, and she fits his description perfectly. But Victoria is with Nickhun right? Aigoo, what do i do? Tough decision…

        • No, that’s just in WGM (I think)…
          But Victoria and Kyuhyun admit they’re close each other. Victoria ever been in SJ rest room when Inkigayo (correct me if wrong), when Kyuhyun played prank to Leeteuk, Kyuhyun said that in Strong Heart.
          I hope they’re not just Close Friend, Kekeke~

          Oh my Kyutoria-shipper heart *o*

  26. bby ……… ㅜㅗㅜ im crying right now ;”” kyuuuu wae wae ?? crying so hard (T.T )( T.T) pliiiiis dont do it again to me >/////< jjeongmal

  27. I don’t really ship with anyone. He just sorta seems… I don’t know, like sort of distant? I feel like he’s asexual or something, just from the way he talks about girls and stuff. I don’t even know how to explain it, it’s just what my sexuality detection radar tells me, hahaha.

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