130121 Sukira (KTR) with Sungmin [Transcript]

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130121 Sukira (KTR) with Sungmin [Cuts]

Min: it’s really been a while since i’ve done bora, long time no see~^^ are you all fine? I’ve been wanting to meet everyone. And since today, ryeowook is in Japan for a concert, i’m DJ-ing alone.^^ in the opening, i introduced a recipe for caffe latte. i dont’t know whether it will be fluffy, sweet or has a good smell, but i know that today’s sukira will be about warm and mild things.^^


Min: I caught a cold so i’m not in a nice condition…^^;
He said that and then started singing an OST of the movie ‘Radio Star’ (not the show kyuhyun’s on) called 비와 당신 (the rain and you)^^* he also brought his guitar.


(talking about there’re a lot of customer who do unreasonble things like who buy a box of ballpen set but said that there’s only one that they’ll will use so they return the rest, or customers who had already eaten part of the bread they bought, but said it’s not delicious and ask for money back. )
Min: people like that actually exists!? Eh!? That’s actually like a punishment game when one say ‘hey, you lose, so just do it.’, then you reluctantly do it because the other person said that.
Guest: there are no punishment games like that~ *laughs*
Min: if then, i don’t understand the mind of people who does that. ~^^;

Source: @rinpachi1031

Sungmin said when he was a student, he used to just stand still and let his mind flows without direction, and then his eyes unintentionally looked at one of his friend’s leg (a friend who’s a girl). So she turned around, got misunderstood and yelled at him about why is he being like this!


The guest asked who did Sungmin start drinking alcohol with, and Sungmin said he first tried it with his dad. The first type he tried was beer. At first it tasted at bit bitter but then turned to be good after.

Source: @Moojigae881217
Translate by: Natz of @kyuminupdates
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  1. Awww minnie please get better 😦 if i were there i would do everything to make you feel better! i would probably be a little mom to you though XD

  2. thanks for the transcript

  3. get well soon, aegyo king

  4. Baby you risk too much when you don’t protect yourself with scarves and warm clothes
    I know you have a pretty neck but…
    Now some hot tea and some comfy clothes, some cetirizin and nose drops
    Paracetamol if feverish
    Mail me if you need a personal doc
    I am a good one too :)*

  5. get well soon minnie >.<

  6. Thanks for transcript. I really like sukira.

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