130119 Donghae Weibo Update: in the midst of showering ㅎ

January 19, 2013 at 10:55 am | Posted in Cyworld/Fancafe/UFO/Twitter, Donghae, Super Junior-M, Wonderboys | 37 Comments

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Before going for the fanmeeting(,) cleanly ^^ in the midst of showering ㅎ

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Source: @donghae861015
Translated by: @teukables
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by: reneee



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  1. omo, lucky didn’t see anything ; )

  2. gosh…these people. after creating weibo accounts, they are updating endlessly…

    • just like that time when they are new to twitter, now they rarely go there..well at least they’re active on weibo now ;P

      • it’s because twitter ( and other social medias sites) are blocked in China

      • LOL. China is very reserved u know. they only have their own SNS in china. thats why WEIBO is popular. others from outside can use weibo, but from the inside, only weibo is popular and work wonders with them. thats why all celebrities have weibo only in China. kkkk

  3. lololol who’s taking the picture tho hahaha

    • good point ^^ dirty mind 😀

    • he looks kinda scared and is making a peace sign. so probably it was hyuk who took the picture as a revenge because hae took a picture of him before while showering.

    • It was Siwon. You can see the reflection in the wall. That hand is Siwon’s hand.

  4. What about a picture of Henry showering? The boy needs the evidence more than Donghae 😉

  5. Hae knows how to tease ELFS!!!! *_*

  6. i took that pict …


  7. ahhh, why is he doing that? does he want to see fangirls die from boold loss?

  8. who took the picture? Hyukkie? Hehe :p

  9. looking hard at the relfection … lol …. arhhhhhhhh

  10. I want see more picture @.@ hihihi….

  11. Seriously…who’s taking the pic? XD

  12. Jajaja, i love you donghae! want you kill me? Jajaja

  13. ughhh I look at this pic for about 10min already to figure out who’s the one reflecting in the glass (and because of hae ofc) *–* donghae, you’re such a tease !!! as the crazy eunhae shipper I am, I’ll say: I bet it’s Hyukkie taking this pic ❤ ❤ (at least you can see that's a man though) ^^

  14. Don’t forget to brush your teeth! Lol

  15. stand up oppa~ >_<

  16. Omooooo~ My innocent eyes *o* LOL!
    I bet Hyuk toke that pic 😉

  17. my goodness…=.= uri oppa, uri chagi, why on earth did you upload this photo? makes more curious (eh?)

  18. Call me if you need help to scrub your back lol

    • LMAO

    الله يسامحك قلبي ما يتحمل T.T

  20. This is the closest we can get to Donghae fully naked.

  21. kkkkk,,,, its really oppa,, hahaha very funny

  22. i realy don’t care how took the pic. it just a very luky person…but that donghae oppa really want to knok me dead and he nearly did it…

  23. Any regular photo if him, would take away the breath of thousands of girls, what does he thinks would happen if he posts a half-covered -completely naked behind in the midst of a shower photo?!!!!!! Anyways I like it, it shows just enough to leave you wondering for more, (of course he could always stand up a little bit more!!!!!). Nicely done!!
    (I would love to see them trying to snap that shot, hilarious!)

    who’s taking it and why do you look so fuckable?

  25. these boys ! 🙂

  26. *tries to say a comment…..suddenly falls on the floor in a pool of nose blood XD*

  27. okay what is this……… o.O

  28. OMO!! I think Hyuk took the picture… And then… Heeheheheheh *-*

    • evil mind…hehehe *o*

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