[Report] Sup3rjunior’s Food Support Project for ‘The King of Dramas’ with Siwon – From 121213

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Hello guys! This is another report post of our past project, food support for Siwon’s drama ‘The King of Dramas’.

Previous report on the rice wreath project for the press conference is here [Report] Sup3rjunior’s rice wreath project at ‘The King of Dramas’ Press Conference on 121031

If you haven’t read what it was, the project was Sup3rjunior’s first project~!

[1st Official Project] — Sup3rjunior’s Food Support Project

Together with For You and See U Siwon, money we collected was used to buy food for Siwon and drama staff, gifts for not only Siwon, but also cody, co-actors/actresses, directors, writers, and staff!

Pretty sure you’ve seen Siwon’s tweet on December 13th (YAY!)

121213 Siwon Twitter Update: Thank you so much FOR YOU, SEE U SIWON, SUP3RJUNIOR

Here are the pictures of the gifts, food, and Siwon with our gifts ^^ Pictures credit to For You.


10  support3 support1 support2 1 4 5 6 7 8 9

Thank you for everyone who supported this project~!! We love you all!

Congratulations to the winner of one SPY album, @vivianwjy ^^

Pictures credit to: For You (
Written by: reneee (


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  1. wow, so thoughtful. who’s idea? leader si, mr. lee or….

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