Super Junior the biggest winner for 27th Golden Disk Awards – From 130115

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Compilation: 130114~?? 27th Golden Disk Award with Super Junior


The great sales amount of Super Junior’s album ‘Sexy,Free & Single’ has let Super Junior picked up their 3rd consecutive Popular Award at the Golden Disk Award! (Super Junior was the winner of Popular Award in 24th & 26th Golden Disk Award).  They have proved their popularity once again. Super Junior has also won them self the Bonsang Award and the highest honour, the Daesang Award becoming the biggest winner for the night.



Super Junior together with SHINee during the Daesang Award. Kangin was nearly crying during the speech for Daesang Award, but Super Junior members were there to support him.

(Irrelevant information omitted)

Source: Sinchew & Chinapress & Guangming
Translated from Chinese to English by: miheexp
Shared at by miheexp


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  1. Congratulation suju!!!
    Our elf ~ fighting!!!!
    Forever superjunior.

  2. congratulation super junior…i’m proud become your fan’s…good job job..we ELF will always support u all at the hard suju..even u all need to go back early from malaysia..but ELF’s malaysia will always miss u all when in malaysia..thank u so much suju…from ELF’s eqin(malaysia)

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